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I think this is the first time I have used The Liquid Crystal Cards for the Tuesday Free Tarot Reading – not sure why, but of course, how pertinent on Base Chakra Week!

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FREE TAROT READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! Scroll down to the number that jumped out at you this morning and see what message came streaming through for you from the powerful Liquid Crystals today. Send me a message if you need any help <3 <3 <3

Card#1: Black Coral, Light in the Darkness
Ah, feels like has been a very shit time for you babe!! Dark, heavy, lots of what the fucks, changes you didn’t see coming. This card you have picked today, feels like your – ‘You’re nearly through it, hang in there babe!’ sign for you today. So much shit has been stirred up and has shifted out of you and your life, things you didn’t think needed going, have gone and I really encourage you to let them go even more, feels like there is still a part of you hanging onto something here… I am wondering if you are scared of what is up ahead – of being alone? Feels strongly this card, for you, is focused on relationships today and wondering if you are now single and needing to start all over again (so it feels like for you), when you just thought life was all sorted and all worked out? Black Coral is urging you to find the light in the darkness, the gift in the shit, the light at the end of the tunnel, the gold in the dirt…. It feels like for you to be mindful that every shit experience in life, actually, when you look back on them in future times, you become grateful for them, for what you have in your future, is better than you could’ve ever seen at the time. As hard as it feels like for you to see this right now, hold onto this, allow your future self to call you through, speak to you and help you through. Everything has a purpose, even though it feels so shit and dark for you right now, call on your future self to speak to you now. Have you thought about where you will be in 5 years time now? Time for recalibration babe, allow it, you will soon see it was meant to be this way. Hang in there. xxx

Card #2: Sapphire, Spiritual Truth
Hmmmm, this Liquid Crystal! Feels like, you are missing something here babe, some kind of truth is staring you in the face and you are not noticing it. Feels like it has also been pestering you to take notice for sometime now too – I am getting 3 months?!? What has been agitating you for the past 3 months, feels like sand in your knickers?!!? That rough, agitating feeling (yep random analogy that dropped in?!) Something is right in front of you but you aren’t acknowledging it. Hmmm, what is it – I am getting to do with finances… what is it that you aren’t facing? Something is pulling at your time and energy and it is affecting your finances… your base.. your third eye to your base chakra… hmmm… the need to let go… of… struggle!! Yes! Have you made a choice around this? Or are you choosing to stay in the struggle? Did you know you even have a choice to not be in struggle anymore? I am also getting something else here for you too, that the struggle is… something that ‘plays on you’ – do you believe you are worthy of not struggling anymore? Like it feels like this is the truth staring you in the face that you haven’t acknowledged or such – that struggle is an option, and very apt for Base Chakra Week – choosing the fear or the trust flow? Can you relax and trust the flow? Trust the divine timing? Trust Spirit enough to relax instead of holding on?

Card #3: Celestite, Knowing
Hmmmm, you already know babe! Whatcha still looking at these cards for eh? 😉 There is a deep underlying tone here to this card for you today – STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF! You already know what to do, you don’t need to look outside yourself anymore. You don’t need anymore help, guidance, courses, mentors – you have the tools babe – it is time to use them. Stop fluff farting around and get to work! Lots of sky blue through this card – do you need to speak to a shadow part in yourself that will help you move forward? Feels like some fear there for you, but just like teaching a first yoga class, or learning to drive a car – ANYTHING is scary the first time you do it – then it becomes normal – sooooo…. what is it you need to do that you’ve been putting off that you already know you have to do? It just feels like you innately know, but don’t trust yourself? What part of you is scared of trusting your innate deep, inner wisdom that is calling you forth to reclaim YOU in the world? Of owning YOUR life? YOUR way? <3 <3 <3 Trust your heart babe, even when it doesn’t make logical sense – you got this and the Universe has your back. 150 million % it does. Take that step – do not delay any longer.

Card #4: Clear Quartz, Light Embodied
Mmmmm, getting strong message from this card for you that at this time, things are extremely amplified for you right now – so really tune into what you want, rather than what you don’t want, because things are being amplified 10 x over…. so you want more money? Focus on the abundance of life, rather than the lack… you want a relationship? Are you being/talking loving to yourself? Wanting ease and flow? Focus on Nature and her effortless surrender to such. I am also getting the message here to really anchor in your higher self. Feels like you have lifted off from your body for some reason/fearful situation and this is your sign to get grounded and come back to Earth. If you aren’t in your body – who the fuck is babe? So, do things that get you grounded this way, you will be able to reclaim and reown your light and truly use this empowered embodiment to manifest what you are wanting – rather than the fear from ‘not being there’ – meaning on both levels – does that make sense? With Clear Quartz’s amplifying energies, this is a powerful time for you to be resetting goals, realigning, going over what needs to shift and change and feels like a message for you to keep checking in with these goals you have, to keep checking the recalibration, to make sure you are on track and will make your mark. With Clear Quartz’s amplifying energies, this is your sign, that you indeed will – get grounded, stay grounded, stay focused and you will make your mark.

Card #5: Apophyllite, Astral Travel
Mmmmmm, feels like big heart healing for you dear one! Grief to come out? Feeling joy? Hmmm, feels like a hardship time for you actually… and I am wondering if you have been having dreams that you can’t remember upon waking? Feels like you are doing a lot of ‘work’ in your dream state that is somewhat tiring you in your day life, but feels like necessary at this time. I am also wondering if there is an aspect of your life that you need to reclaim your power in – it feels like there is an area of your life that you are waiting for someone to come and save you, whether financially or romantically and it feels like this is your sign for ENOUGH!! Time to be the one you have been waiting for babe! There ain’t handouts coming your way, and it isn’t like you need to believe it is all hard work either – no – what I am saying is stop looking outside yourself and know that you have all the wisdom, tools and effortless ease to truly manifest what you desire in your life. It feels like you have been clouded and confused about some things and Apophyllite is coming to you today to let you know that the intense dream work you have been doing, is shifting and changing your current reality for you, get ready for clarity, it is about to arrive on your doorstep – figuratively and I am also getting literally! What clarity have you been awaiting babe?

Card #6: Rose Quartz, Forgiveness
Ah babe, such a loving gentle card Rose Quartz… and straight away got message of forgiveness of self… and also Mediumship coming through strongly here – is there someone that has passed away recently, or around this time of year, that is trying to connect with you? It feels like there is/was unsaid words and that you are longing to speak to them, to express your heart, to speak to them, even if one last time, it feels like so many questions, so many things you want to turn to them to ask their opinion to hear their voice one more time. Babe….. please know they are right by your side. Please know they are right there awaiting and can already hear your words. Speak to them now, grieve those tears out of your body, mind and heart. It feels deeply like you long to say something to them – forgiveness is this Rose Quartz card? What are you sorry about? What do you need to forgive? It feels more like – guilt for you and I am getting the message of – ‘let this go’. You couldn’t have done anything more, or less – you did exactly what was meant to be/have done/did all you could at the time. You need to let go of the past in a sense of you keep beating yourself up for not being there ‘when you should’ve’ or not knowing etc… this isn’t on you babe, and your loved one on the other side, can’t let go and move on, until you do to. They need to move onto the other side into the light, instead of staying Earthside, you both need to be free. Write them a letter, then bury it, talk to them, they are right by your side. Can you drop into the love of your Heart instead of holding onto ‘should’ves’ could’ve’s’?

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