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Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! <3 <3 <3 Scroll down to find your number to see what messages are coming through for you today release what is stopping you from flow right now. Card Deck of Unblock Your Love Blocks by Rebecca-Lee on tone for you today 🙂 If you are ready to work deeper in 2017, I have 3 x 1:1 mentoring spots available that will take you deep over 4 months that are now available. If you just want a personalised Tarot Reading, we can do that too 🙂 <3 Lots of Love, <3 <3 <3 http://realityawareness.com/workwithme/

Card #1: Pleasing. Do what you want to do, be what you want to be.
Hmmm, the message jumping straight out at me from this card is babe, are you doing what you think you SHOULD be doing – or what you WANT to be doing. There is a huge difference energetically that changes and creates waves in all directions in time. Things you think should be doing, mean your energy is scattered and not present, because energetically you don’t want to be doing it. Things you WANT to be doing, allow you to release control, be in the moment, be more playful and step into a deep attraction and desire energy. This allows the Law of Attraction to play in your favour, for your relaxed demeanour brings a lightness and higher vibration to all that you do. Now, there is also a difference here, between doing what you WANT to do all the time and leaving those things behind that you KNOW are GOOD for you, like exercise or getting more sleep at times. Discipline plays in here, by tending to your responsibilities, yet still allowing play time. Solar Plexus energy big here for you today – do you believe you are worthy of being able to please yourself instead of others? Or are you consistently putting other’s ahead of you and forgetting what it is you even want to do with your time? Some quiet alone reflection time I feel is being called here for you babe, to really allow yourself the ‘permission’ to want what you want, because you want it and that is okay! Do you know what you want? Take some alone time now to allow yourself to daydream about what you want… and be okay with wanting what YOU want – not what other’s expect of want from you.

Card #2: Inner Child. Love and understand your Inner Child.
Have you been stressed out, under pressure and worrying about how you are going to pay your next bill? Babe, your Inner Child is freaking out. When you feel frazzled, stressed and like everything isn’t working, your Inner Child feels it even more. Have you had a break recently? Really allowed yourself to play? Have you stopped to check in with your Inner Child? You will feel more fearful about the future when your Inner Child is/has been neglected. Healing the relationship you have with your Inner Child changes all sorts of circumstances in your life, because when your Inner Child feels safe – so do you. And when you feel safe in the world – everything changes. You become more relaxed, you lighten up, you trust life more and things ‘come to you’, because of your trusting, light, playful energy. Think of a child when they are carefree and full of fun. And think of a child when they are scared and upset. Is there a child in your life that needs your attention too? Tending to this child, will also help you tend to your own Inner Child. Yet, take a moment, to think about yourself as a child – what age are you? What memory comes to mind when you think of yourself as you were as a child? What is going on for you? This information can give you clues and insight into present day issues that can shift situations more readily. What does this inner you need now, that you didn’t get back then? Go give this to yourself now.

Card #3: Acknowledge What Is. Your Life’s Journey is perfect for you.
Hmmmm, getting the message here babe to just let go. It feels like your current situation – there is NOTHING more you can do right now and the message I am getting here for you strongly is BE OKAY WITH THAT! Be okay with the big guy upstairs handling the rest of the details right now. When you need to take action and move forward – trust that you will get this inner calling, inner charge, inner action movement that you will ‘just do it without thinking’ and get the rest of the action done that needs to get done. It feels like any striving, persisting or pushing energy you continue to throw into the mix right now will not serve you at all. It feels like 1 – it won’t change a thing and 2 – now is not the time to be pushing against the current/river you will only use precious energy that you will need very soon, I am getting around the end of January, second last week or so, something is going to come to light in a big, big way, something is going to shock you, but play in your favour, more than you could’ve seen coming. So, just be gentle with yourself right now. You can’t do anything anyway, so just take this time to fill your cup up, take a break, get into nature, contemplate, journal what you do want, seek support and just breathe deeper knowing that it is coming, just not this second in time.

Card #4: Happiness. It is okay to be happy!
Ah, babe, feels like something has shifted for you recently.. feels like you have been experiencing a lot of fun times, a lot of joy and it is like, ‘thank fuck for this!’ 🙂 Yet, I am also getting the message, that underneath somewhere, there is a part of you going, yeah, but ‘this can’t last forever’ or ‘but what’s coming’ – babe – can you let these go? Can you dive in there with them and go, ‘No, actually, I have been working my ass off for this and it is okay for me to be happy!’ It feels like a big part of you has shifted in a big way recently, you have been doing a lot of inner work and you are seeing incredible results – babe – celebrate this! We all know what focusing on joy will create 😉 The butterflies in this image is greatly jumping out at me – babe – you have come out of your cocoon, have your new wings and are flying high. Do not descend because of other’s insecurities or judgements of you. What others think about you is more a reflection of themselves, rather than you – so let that go too okay? And keep doing what you are doing – you deserve this happiness you are experiencing, you’ve worked for this, so relax, and enjoy it. xxx

Card #5: Time. Everything is in divine and perfect order.
Mmmmmm, sometimes I get shitty hearing this phrase! Do you?? Yet, this is the message for you today… let go…. let go… and let go some more… I am getting the message too, it feels like you have been feeling like you are running out of time? To do what? Accomplish what exactly? The energies at the moment aren’t overly conducive to productivity, so if you have deadlines to meet, be mindful of this yet, know that mindset plays a big part here for you today. Instead of think of not enough time, be asking the questions, how can I create more time, how can I get this done? It isn’t for you to figure out completely, yet, to be open to ideas and opportunities that come your way to help get this stuff done. Have you been pushing yourself lately? It feels like this is also a message for you to self-nurture and take some time out… remember that in the space of ‘not doing’ is a powerful inflow that will enable you to step up and into life in a bigger and better way, when you feel that inherent ‘push’ the ‘time is now right’ feeling – you will know – trust this 😉

Card #6: Self Acceptance. Love yourself just the way you are.
Hey babe, feels like some big self-worth stuff going on here. Feels like on some level you’ve been changing yourself to suit other’s needs or to think you need to do something to be accepted by someone – or society. What is driving you? I am getting the message to STOP. STOP comparing yourself to others, STOP looking at what everyone else has and thinking you aren’t worthy of it. It feels like this is a time for you to pull your energy back into yourself, to turn your lens, back on yourself and to step up and into YOUR life YOU and YOUR ideals, goals, visions, desires. If you are unsure what these are for yourself, it is time to get clear on them. By all means, look to others for things you would like to have – but know you are worthy and have the power to create anything you so choose to – if you believe it to be true. What acts of loving yourself can you do today? What mindset focus can you shift into that is more loving, more kinder – do you speak to yourself as if you would a dear friend? Or do you berate yourself? Your mindset is your key here and then you can delve into what it is you are truly desiring. Know that what is possible for others, is possible for you – we live in an abundant world, which mindset are you tapping into?

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