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Reality Awareness | READING RESULTS ARE IN!!!
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! Scroll down to find the number you were drawn to today, to receive the message you need to hear from the Message from Your Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue. If you are stuck about which way to really move forward or the life changing decisions you need to make, we can get you super clear through a Private Tarot Reading. Click here to book now or PM me for more details: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/store/oASBntx7

Card #1: Isaiah. “It’s a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life.”
Hmmmm, whilst this can mean definite of the physical brith and pregnancy I am feeling that a new situation is on the horizon for you, whether that includes a physical baby or not, is kinda not the point as life changing as that is 🙂 It feels like there is another path opening to you, another life direction almost, that you ‘almost’ didn’t see coming, yet it feels like it is a welcome change. It feels like enough of the old, enough of the SHIT, of the PAST SHIT that has been dragging it’s ass around with you for sooooo long and just enough. It is time to be free, time to give birth to new situations and it is already on the upswing. It is already happening. It feels like the wheels are in motion, yet, this isn’t a time to ‘cut slack’ so to speak. Stay focused, and you will make your mark.

Card#2: Bridgette. “Caution is warranted. Look deeper into this situation before proceeding further.”
Needing to make a big decision? It feels like now is not the time to make it set in concrete. I am getting the message that unforeseen factors need to/will be occurring that will in essence make your decision for you, without you really needing to do anything. It feels like you are very clear in yourself, but to not action anything just yet. Stay with that clarity, just aware of the situation and trust you will be shown more information real soon. I am also getting the message that if it is to do with work, there are big changes coming in bigger ways than expected. I am getting the sense it is positive, so don’t fret, yet it is definitely more supportive and beneficial for you than you could imagine. So just trust this space you are in right now, take care of yourself and know the Universe has your back.

Card #3: Vanessa. “To make your decision, ask yourself, Which way brings me closer to my Divine Purpose? Which way takes me away from it?”
Did you pull 2 cards today? Because this feels very similar/along the same lines of Card #2. It feels like you are at crossroads right now and something is making you unsure about which way to go. As clearly as this card states, about choosing which way brings you closer to your Divine purpose, that answer may not be clear for you – or you would’ve made your decision already right?? So, the message I am getting for you – is what FEELS right – do that. Not what is the logical understanding, but if you really get honest with yourself, like REALLY honest – deep down – you already know right? I guarantee that you already know… Yet, sometimes you don’t want to ‘hear’ the truth. So, if you are unsure at this point, or maybe this is your nudge that hey, you already know babe, but otherwise, especially if you were drawn to Card #2 as well, then give it some time. Take 3 days minimum, focus on YOU, self care to the max – no, radical self care and allow that space to let your answer flood into your being – or become louder for you to hear – and then trust when you are clear – you are clear yes? It feels like this isn’t a time to doubt what you FEEL in your Heart and Soul, but if you need time to let that answer become louder and clearer – MAKE space for it to happen.

Card #4: Serena. “I am the Angel of Abundance. You will receive the money that you need and God is in charge of how that will happen. Have faith.”
Have you been working on manifesting something new? And it seems like ‘when is this going to happen??’ Well – this card comes to you as ‘Dont give up now!’ You are soooooo close babe, and this is really happening… know that the inklings you hear and feel within your Soul ARE happening ARE real and the signs are reflecting this to you! KEEP GOING! Is there something that has thrown you a curveball? Are you really going to let it bring you down and ruin all your hard work? Like, you know that saying, if 9 positive things happened today and 1 negative thing happened today, what are you focusing on? Yes, shit happens… yet are you really going to let it pull you down and ruin everything you have been working for? No, didn’t think so. So, pick yourself back up. Get help, call and ASK for support. Don’t get stuck in the mindset this is all on your own. Ask for the help and support you need, because this is the doorway to open for more. Trust it, you deserve it. So, what were you focusing on again? 😉

Card #5: Fiona. “Now that you’ve asked the angels for help be open to receiving Divine Guidance and assistance. You deserve Heaven’s help!”
Goodness, this is similar theme to now Card #4! ASK for help. Stuck on something? Unsure which way to go? It feels like you are needing some more outside help right now. Yes, you need to do inner work, yet there comes a time when you need some outside assistance and I am feeling you already know that this time is now! Put the call out and it will be answered, yet I am also getting the message for you, that it will come in ways that are deeply unexpected, so be open to solutions you have not yet conceived at this point in time. It feels like you are creating as you are asking, that the Universe is bringing into form what you are asking for, so trust it babe! Trust yourself, know that by your asking you are opening and bringing it IN – and – it feels like you already know this stuff! So, watcha continuing reading this for?! Go do your thang and trust your answers will come! Keep being YOU!

Card #6: Archangel Raphael. “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.”
Have you been unwell? Or under the weather? Or knocked around by the weather? It feels like this is your confirmation sign, that Archangel Raphael – the Healing Archangel – is right by your side, every step of the way. Allow your grief, your tears, your emotions to flow babe…It is safe for you to let these emotions out. To let them flow. I am also wondering, if you are feeling powerless in your situation? Have you even had much outdoors time? Like, sunlight, relaxing in nature time? Or just BEING outdoors? When feeling down and blue, being outside in nature can do wonders, especially for a chunk of time, being outside. Yet, I am really getting the message here for you to let your emotions out, trust that by allowing yourself to feel the truth of what is going on for you, that you are allowing yourself this time and space to ‘create space’ for what you want. By losing something, yes it can be hard, yet it is also creating space for something else, something new. Yep, you may want what you had, yet reality is is that it is gone. So, trust this space you are in right now, know that Archangel Raphael is by your side and allow him to help you every step of the way. You do have the power, the way out, even though it doesn’t seem like it right now. Breathe. Open. Trust. You can do this.

  • Pauline E De L
    Posted at 21:10h, 04 April Reply

    Thank you for my cards Hannah spot on again 4 6 & 5

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