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Reality Awareness | Rejection, Self Love & Easter Long Weekend
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Rejection, Self Love & Easter Long Weekend

Rejection, Self Love & Easter Long Weekend

Rejection, Self Love & Easter Long Weekend. I spoke on livestream yesterday, the depth of the current under theme of ‘Rejection’ through the collective consciousness and the very, very ‘old’ thread that this Easter Long Weekend reminds us about. Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross, for having a belief system – of Love, was ‘rejected’ for his deep values and acceptance of all human beings. No matter what race, religion, colour or rhyme, Love was the answer. Love, still IS, the answer.

If you truly loved, you wouldn’t separate situations, places, things or people with right or wrong….

If you truly loved, you would not hold onto the past…

If you truly loved, you would not judge those who wrong you….

If you truly loved, you would not undermine those around you…

Jesus Christ is the epitome of Love, but also of forgiveness. You could easily replace the word Love in those same sentences with forgiveness.

If you truly forgave, you wouldn’t separate situations, places, things or people with right or wrong….

If you truly forgave, you would not hold onto the past…

If you truly forgave, you would not judge those who wrong you….

If you truly forgave, you would not undermine those around you…

Can you, for a moment, sit in this vibration of Love and Forgiveness? Just for a moment, take a deep breathe in, breathe in Love. Exhale Love. Breathe in Forgiveness. Exhale Forgiveness.

Instead of exhaling negative or dark energy, transform it now, with a single change of awareness, that everything IS Love. That your very awareness and both the inhale and exhale of your breath, transforms the very things you experience and think of. Inhale Love. Exhale Love. Inhale Forgiveness. Exhale Forgiveness. That the simple change in focus of thought, instantly changes your feelings.

Now, take that inhale of Love and that exhale of Love, and ‘blow’ it all over your past. Take a few moments here.

Now, take that inhale of Forgiveness and that exhale of Forgiveness, and ‘blow’ it all over your past. To all those who have ‘wronged’ you, to all those that have ‘hurt’ you, to all those that ‘weren’t there for you’, to all those that will never know what ‘they did to you’. Take a few moments here. Breathing in Forgiveness, exhaling, Forgiveness.

Now take that inhale of Love and that exhale and of Love. And ‘blow’ it all over your ‘right now’. Look up from your device you are reading this on and look deeply with your breath of Love, the very things you are seeing with your physical and non physical eyes. Connect deeply with this vibration of Love and ‘blow it’ all over your NOW. Become very present with your awareness, your inhale of Love, your exhale of Love. Anything that you ‘stumble’ upon that ‘isn’t’ that of Love, I want you to inhale Forgiveness and exhale Forgiveness and stay with this Forgiveness breath until you feel a shift in feelings of what you are looking at that doesn’t ‘feel’ like Love to you. Stay with this for as long as you need to.


I am not religious, but obviously very ‘spiritual’ – whatever that really means… I am not closed off to other religions, yet I do not follow them the way they want me to. I follow what feels like to me. To me, God is energy, God is light. It took me a long time to even be comfortable saying the word God, due to  my upbringing and that ‘God people are ‘bad’ people’ – whatever that means! Yet, I do believe, that all religions lead to the one and only ‘God’ and that I seek in meditation what those in the churches seek. The ‘how’ of how every single person seeks, is really irrelevant.

If they are kind hearted, kind worded and know the power of conscious direction of thought, they wouldn’t speak ill of anyone, or claim anyone has ‘sins’, to me this is a judgement, and very far from what Jesus Christ ‘saw’ in those who were crucifying him that day.

To ask God for forgiveness to those who not know what they do, is a very high level of consciousness and something I want to bring awareness too. With my increasing inner turmoil that to my daughter Easter seems to be chocolate and Easter bunnies, sharing my awareness of Jesus Christ’s unwavering Faith, Love and Forgiveness is also, what I want her to have awareness of as she grows up. We call to many Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Gnomes, Unicorns, Pegasus, Animal Spirit Guides, Mermaids and more, to have this deep awareness that Jesus is indeed an Ascended Master that truly walked upon us as Humans, there is great hope for Humanity yet.

I truly believe that Christ Consciousness exists – in the realm of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Unwavering Faith – that those who focus on these qualities, will truly live in Christ Consciousness. Isn’t this, Love, Forgiveness and Unwavering Faith what we all talk about to create Peace on Earth? It is up to us as individuals to lead the way with the awareness of Love, for those who need it most, are usually crying out in fearful and hurtful ways.

Be like Jesus, and Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Hold the Higher Vibration. Align with those that get it and together, we Unite not only the world in the strength of Unity and Love, but of every part of ourselves as well. Self-Love, World-Love = Peace on Earth.

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. If you get stuck on things from your past and ‘blowing Love’ on them, ain’t enough to shift the hurt and pain from the situations, then you will need to dig a bit deeper. In Trust Your Intuition you will find all the digging tools you need to really get into that pain and shift it for good. Ready to stop going around in circles? Sick of attracting the same situation over and over again? Why doesn’t ‘blowing Love’ on it work for you? Because there is a certain level of inner solidarity that comes from the inner workings of your Soul. With Trust Your Intuition, you not only get clear and acutely aware of what is going with your Intuition and what and where energies are coming from – these things that you can’t shift by ‘Blowing Love’ on them, are intrinsically and structurally broken down and repaired for good, so you don’t carry such in your vibration anymore, hence ‘Love’ becoming your most highest state. Are you ready to experience Love in it’s true form? Click here and enrol before Tuesday Midnight AEST to receive your BONUS 1:1 x 1 hour deep dive healing session with me over phone/skype or in person. Only 3 days left! Click here now beautiful, let’s get you feeling LOVE AND Trusting Your Intuition and stop doubting you deserve both right now: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/

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