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Reality Awareness | Don’t come whinging to me if you aren’t going to change your behaviour
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Don’t come whinging to me if you aren’t going to change your behaviour

Don’t come whinging to me if you aren’t going to change your behaviour

Don’t come whinging to me if you aren’t going to change your behaviour – I am not interested!!

Now, may sound harsh, yet I feel so strongly about this right now – and maybe it is the wake up and shake up you need! Sometimes we are blind to our own behaviours – hey – I’ve been there, and I aint perfect either!!

Yet some huge things have shifted recently because I have been doing the fucking work. Whilst I am here to help, guide and mentor you – if you are willing and ready to step the fuck up and do the fucking work – I got you babe! I am right there with you!

But if you are consistently complaining and CHOOSING to stay in the same repetitive patterns then keep moving along. I am here to help those who are ready to step up and make the changes – do the fucking work.

If you are getting triggered by this – then ask yourself why?

Like I said, maybe you need to hear it. Maybe it is time.

And maybe you will just crack the shits and stay where you are. That is fine. I honour you. No matter what.

But I also honour me.

And I have become VERY CLEAR about what I will and will not tolerate in my life.

I have become VERY CLEAR about what is important to me and protect it with my Heart and Soul.

I have become VERY CLEAR in where, whom and how long I spend my time and energy focused on something, someone, a situation and more.



We’ve all heard this.

If you believe you create your own reality and are into this alternative stuff in some way – you would’ve heard this saying in some shape or form before….

That whom you hang around, by osmosis you are in that frequency.

Now this isn’t a judgement.

This is a plain and simple fact.

And a fact I have become extremely fucking clear in.

SOMETHING has shifted within me…

I believe this shift is VALUING MYSELF….

I believe this shift is VALUING MY LIFE…..

I believe this shift is VALUING ME….

I believe this shift is LOVING ME…

I believe this shift is PROTECTING ME…

I believe this shift is CREATING MY FUCKING REALITY…


Not, the way I don’t want…

Because I have become so fucking clear about my thoughts…

Because I have become so fucking clear about my internal dialogue…..

Because I have become so fucking clear about my energy – what it is doing, where it is going, how scattered or pulled in and empowered I am, where I am focusing my energy, who is pulling at my energy, what needs to change, why, how and EVERY FUCKING DETAIL about my energy….

Because I create my own fucking reality….

And removing myself from soooo many things at the end of last year, took me a bit of unexpected adjustment…. yet now…

Now, I am sooo fucking clear…

Soooo clear than ever before….

I see what is going on….

And I honour ALL of it…


I am very choosy about what I say…

Because words have power and create your fucking reality….

I am very picky with whom I spend my time and energy with…

Because my time is important to me and I value the people I choose to hang around – this includes ‘where’ I hang out online…

Because where my time and energy is spent – is creating my fucking reality…..

I am very clear about the words I choose to speak and the words I think in my mind….

Because they are creating my experiences….

Because I am very clear about these internal things creating my external and the internal clarity that is going on within and what is being reflected in my outer reality…

This valuing myself…

This loving myself…

This TRUSTING MYSELF (even when it doesn’t make logical sense)…

Is showing me sooo much in my reality and makes complete sense…

That the more I turn up to ME, with all of ME and protect and love it for all it is – all of me…

The more my dreams are becoming reality – here is the key – effortlessly…..


The internal work… is normal now…

Is normal…

And its creation – is effortless.

How? By trusting within.

By doing the work within.

That is now normal. Effortless.

But how? Trusting Your Intuition and holding your fucking ground is how.

Love, Hannah xxx

P.S. Due to this incredible shift and holding my fucking ground – THE DOORS TO TRUST YOUR INTUITION ARE OPEN BECAUSE THIS IS THE HOW!!! But this is a limited time for a limited number of people! Total unexpected flash sale with what has gone on for me in the past 24 hours (you better keep an eye out for today’s livestream to hear all!) Trust Your Intuition Doors OPEN ONLY available until midnight Saturday night AEST!! If you are truly ready to do the fucking work, hold you ground and claim your dream reality as NORMAL NOW, then get in here because this is your HOW: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition/


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