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Strong theme through several cards today, to stop worrying and let that shit go! And easier said than done I know! PM me if you need help babe, Trust Your Intuition Online Course doors are open, we start on July 12 (next week!) and it is perfect for being able to let shit truly go forever – and if things come up in the future – you get to a point where you may still get triggered, but you don’t hold onto it and are able to move through things very quickly without letting situations overtake you and your life. Send me a message now for more details on Trust Your Intuition beautiful one, only a select few are coming in this round and I am excited to have this open this week – because the what is going on for you, can be shifted with Trusting Yourself and not letting that confusion cripple you and your life babe.

Scroll down to find your number that jumped out at you earlier today to find your message that streamed through me from the Archangel Michael Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Card #1: Guarded and Protected. “Thank you for protecting my loved ones and me, ensuring that we’re safe and that all of our needs are met. I now accept your help gratefully and gracefully, knowing that it’s right for me and all others to accept heavenly help.”

Have you been worrying about things lately babe? It feels like you have, specifically about your home/living environment/bills being paid etc. I am getting the message for you here that you needn’t put worry into this. Everything has always worked out in the past, so don’t stress yourself out worrying about it now. Yes, it is certainly a stressful situation, but if you look back over your past, you see that somehow everything worked out – did it not? Somehow, things will happen and worrying about ‘how’ when you don’t know how – is kinda pointless is it not? Yes, you may be upset, frustrated and have a bottle of feelings that need to come out – so let them come out. Because sitting in them aint helping the situation either right? The other message I am getting is about fear – how are you feeling about certain things right now? I am also getting about a relationship? It feels like you are feeling unsafe/uncertain about things…. I am getting the message for you here, that you are indeed safe, even if it doesn’t feel like it and I am getting the message for you that your past experiences are clouding your now more than your now is being seen for what it is. What lenses do you need to take off here babe? AND I just got the message that both of these here combined and clouding – like your fears around ‘how’ to sort your situation out are impacting your relationships around you. What actions can you take to take care of yourself and remove fear babe? PM me if you need help with this. Remember the message here – you are safe even though it doesn’t seem like you can see how that is possible or feel it now. But this card is your sign to ‘Don’t worry, be Happy’ (song came in my head 😉 ) Worried about how to Trust Yourself or follow the signs? Or what that person said about your situation? Did they tell you to leave? Or do something that you think you SHOULD do because you are unsure what to do in yourself? Babe, Trust Your Intuition Online Course doors are OPEN! There is only a select few coming in for this round! This is the GOLD to truly be able to release the fear once and for all and stop being paralysed by the fear and depression that pulls you two steps back every time. We start July 12th. PM me now for more information babe xxx

Card #2: Lean on God and the Angels for Support. “Dear God and the Angels, I give you this (briefly describe the situation) now and completely. I step out of the way, and allow Divine miracles to shine through everyone and everything.”

Hmmm, big message here to hand it over babe! Whatever you are worrying about is unnecessary and taking up your time and energy. Whilst yes things are stressful (did you pull two cards today?! this is similar message to card #1 today!), it is pointless worrying about them. Yes, easier said than done! There is and has been intense energies around and it may feel like you are wading through mud right now. There are big gateways opening up and as we walk and step forth through these gateways, energetic ties that are holding you back are being pulled at – because they are things that cannot enter into this new realm. These may show up as people or belief and emotional systems that are no longer serving you. If you are feeling down or like things are going backwards when you’ve been working so hard to make things go forwards, take a STOP for a moment. Or a few days. Or a week. And just STOP. Because whilst the continually PUSH is going on, nothing can catch up or come in. When you make changes, there needs to be an integration space where things can indeed catch up – the mental makes cahnges, then the reality has to catch up. And most of the time, we make mental changes, then the reality of your situation will hit you, almost cripple you, then the reality shifts to meet your new mental state that you just created/changed. This may be why it FEELS like it is two step backwards.. but in reality? You making changes.. and like the abs and flows of the ocean tides, things ARE shifting and changing. So go easy on yourself, ask Spirit for help with anything, money, resources, time, rest, energy – anything (because this is easy to forget!) and just take a step back for a moment and breathe. There is no rush. You and your unique purpose on this Earth are meant to happen and they will – with effortless flow. Trust in this. You have time to rest babe. Allow it. Allow the Divine Feminine to show you. Stop. Breathe. Be. Are you still stressing? Because you don’t know how to let go of the confusion and turmoil that you are getting bogged down in? Babe, Trust Your Intuition Online Course doors are now open and this confusion and turmoil that is holding you down #begone with being able to shift it out once and for all. PM me now for more details, we start on July 12 beautiful one xxx

Card #3: Innocence. “Dear God and the Angels, thank you for helping me see that all of your qualities of pure love and light are reflected within me and all others. Help me embrace my God-Given innocence so that I may be at Peace.”

I am getting the message here of dis-trust for you… are you not trusting a person or situation that has happened to you? It feels like this is a strong message of ‘let that shit go’ and focus on the Divine truth – because it feels like your judgement is a bit off babe and what is actually happening is that you are yes, being triggered by your current situation, but what is going on for you – is not, hmmm, what is the words here, it feels like you are blaming someone else for what is going on – have you actually looked within and what is happening for you? Yes, you may be hurt right now, but honey, what is/was your contribution to the situation? Just feels strong here to ‘not be quick to judge’. So wondering if you need to step back from the situation for a few days to get super clear in yourself? When we are in the thick of it, we can’t see clearly. The message of this card for you is that the person or situation you are enquiring about is innocent – this includes yourself!!! Forgiveness in call – have dogs been around you lately or more in your face than usual? Dog’s are the animal totem of the Liquid Crystal Rose Quartz. Drop into your Heart babe and out of your head, release the past feelings, because this moment is a new moment, so choose wisely and consciously. Take 3 days away from the situation, even if it is just in your mind and energetically. Give yourself some breathing space. Get clear. Because what you are seeing is being clouded. Breathe. Release. Then come back to it. <3 Still struggling to let that shit go? Honey, it can be tricky when stuff is sitting there in your life and you don’t know how to release the past and hurts of what has been done! A simple choice to let shit go, sometimes just doesn’t cut it right? That’s why I am reopening doors to Trust Your Intuition Online Course, because we get into the nuts and bolts about how to let this sort of shit go once and for all and for all future situations. PM now for details babe, we start on July 12th and you will know if it calls you in your bones. Your time to shine won’t hide that feeling from your bones 🙂 xxx

Card #4: Ask Archangel Michael to help you with this situation. “Archangel Michael, thank you for assisting me with (describe the situation). Please help me be filled with faith and peace at all times.”

Have you remembered to ask for help with this situation? I am getting the message for you to remember that you are not on your own, nor do you need to struggle with all this on your own anymore. It feels like the past is well behind you, but you are still holding onto old patterns that are no longer serving you and they are causing some turmoil going on with you babe… what is it? What is that you are needing to ask for help with, let go of? I am getting the message of emotional patterns that are stored in the Heart Chakra here for you babe… and this is creating a seemingly wall in/around your Heart and keeping these patterns in place. I am getting the message too, that it is the issues from your most previous relationship that is going on here for you. So whichever is your most recent previous relationship, some healing is needing to be done on releasing this pain as it is interfering in your current space right now. Allowing yourself some time to go into the pain of your most previous relationship – you know, it is like feel the fear and do it anyway – like GO THERE. Because once you walk through it, it is gone – poof! Just like that. And then the slate is clear for the NOW and you are able to walk forward with an open loving heart, not a closed armoured with pain heart that will keep bumping up against things in the present. So, what is the most recent memory that comes to mind of your previous past relationship? This is what you need to be letting go of to open your heart fully to the now without the past clouding it babe. Do you know how to do such? In my Heart Chakra Consciousness ebook, it can show you exactly this: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/heart-chakra-consciousness/

Card #5: Eternal Love. “Help me perceive all of the love that surrounds me so that I can feel safe receiving, expressing and giving love.”

Mmmmm, what a beautiful card!!! 2 messages here….. one is that if you are in a relationship right now, you pulling this card, feels like a strong message for you that who you are with – is a very significant relationship for you. This person brings out a lot of good in you and they are also very kind towards you. I am getting the message here for you that this Love, is a deep bond that you share and is very supportive compared to any you have had before. Love this about them, love this about you, love this about your relationship and make it priority to continue to focus on this – Eternal Love. The bond is forming a very strong and solid tie – trust in this – it has the depth and capacity to stand the tests of time. The other message I am getting here is that if you are seeking a love relationship – that the love is within you and you need to be focusing on this within you yourself before anything else. Give yourself a break from ‘out there’ searching. Are you at peace with yourself and your life? This is your key and your zone indicator. When you start looking out there, bring your focus and awareness back on yourself. If something doesn’t feel loving in a relationship – then you need to bring you back to you and find your centre again before any choices are made – whether intimate or work colleague relationships. Bring you back to you – did you pull more than one card today!? Love you – and the Universe will align you with the love you give yourself. Are you unsure how to see love in a situation that doesn’t look loving babe? Or you are unsure what on Earth I speak of when loving yourself first? What does loving oneself even look like?! You thought you were already doing that?! Babe, Trust Your Intuition Online Course is OPEN and it is here that you not only learn to love yourself, but you align your Heart and Soul with your Inner Callings of your Soul… and you know what that does? Attracts EVERYTHING you need for your Life Purpose…. life partner and all. PM me now for details as we start on July 12. Your Soul calls you if you deeply resonate with what I have written here. Trust it 😉

Card #6: Your Children Are Watched Over. “Dear guardian angels of my children, (born and unborn), thank you for watching over my children and ensuring their happiness and safety. Please guide me so that I know the best ways to be a good parent and role model for my own and other people’s children.”

Have you been worried about your children lately? This sign comes as a message for you, that actually – your children are doing way better than you are worrying about! I am wondering if a certain situation has happened that has made you wonder and worry, well this card comes to you to let go of those worries. Fear has been sweeping the planet lately – don’t get caught up in it. Your energy affects your children, so if you are worried, then it will play out in their energy field. Yet, if you walk in full faith that your children are watched over and protected, then you shift your energy field from fear to trust – and what a difference in vibration that is for creating your reality 😉 I am also getting the message about ‘father’ and I am wondering what that means for you. Something to do with your children’s father obviously… yet I am also wondering if you are a male reading this post and you are a father, or a father to be and how you are feeling about that? I am getting the message of ‘support’ and wondering what that message means to you too. Did you feel supported by your father growing up as a kid? Because if you consistently feel a lack of support in your life, some father/masculine healing is in call for you here. Have you done any masculine healing in your life? If not, this is your time to do so now. How you feel supported in life, will also affect how your children feel supported. Any work you do on yourself, your children automatically heal this within them too. Do you need support in doing this? Do you struggle to let go of worrying about your children and TRUST? Babe, Trust Your Intuition Online Course is now open and being able to let go so your children do not carry this worry around in their energy field and create things for you to worry about 😉 AND healing the masculine/father related issues is all what we cover (and way more) in Trust Your Intuition. We start July 12 – PM me now for more information babe xxx

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