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Reality Awareness | The Secrets Hidden Amongst The Depths 
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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The Secrets Hidden Amongst The Depths 

The Secrets Hidden Amongst The Depths 

It happened again. A Lightworker’s role is huge. But only if you view it that way. For me, this normal. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t blow my mind every single time 😱 💥 👊🏻 💫


1. If you think you’re some sort of conscious soul contributing to humanity in some way then you need to read this and just make sure. 

2. You may get triggered. Read anyway. 
I never know why I’m drawn to watch certain movies. But this one. Is another one. That makes me so aware, of how much collective pain is stored in everyone’s physical body right now. 
And the phenomenonal amounts of shifts and clearings that are going on and exactly WHAT is being shifted as we, as Humanity, not only move through this Lions Gate and Total Solar Eclipse, but what we as Humanity have been moving through for many years now, as we are all awakening. Humanity is awakening, we are coming out of the darkness that we’ve been in for eons now (Drunvalo Melchizedek and many others speak of this) 
Not only are we in Third Eye Chakra – this is more than seeing the truth, this is more than about RIGHT NOW… because whilst we all know the truth that power control and domination goes so far against humanity’s deep loving heart ❤️ and NEVER works for the betterment of all, or ever truly lasts – this? Is about seeing into realities – seeing deep into the truth of the past – 
And being able to VIEW IT with FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION TO HEAL IT. ❤️ Period. 
Remember being able to do such is seeing into multi dimensional realities, seeing all at once and none at all, not needing to astral travel anymore – that’s old spirituality – we’ve shifted honey, we’ve shifted much deeper than being able to astral travel – we are the travel, the travel is us. We don’t need to ‘go’ anywhere for this. 
Our Ear Chakras are our gateways to be able to do this… and on the total solar eclipse on the 21st August this portal is officially welcomed…. 
What I have realised, is that of the reality of the dimension of this control, domination, slavery, – things being taken away – is existing today. Yep. TODAY. (Like der Hannah – yes, but stay with me a moment) 
Read this slowly – I want you to feel the depths of this. 
Yes we may be on the brink of WWIII. 
Yes. #realitycheck 
And yes, I don’t talk about these subjects very often, for the pure fact of what we focus on most of the time and if you follow me you would’ve heard me talk about “The Mother Teresa Story” (if not PM me and I’ll tell you)
Yet, as a: 
– Conscious Human Being 

– Psychic Healer 

– Lightworker 

– Yoga Teacher 

– Energy Worker

– Entrepreneur

– Psychologist 

– Anyone who works with helping 

Humanity understand their consciousness 
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to do this. To do this what I am doing right now. 
(And this isn’t just me – I’m talking to you conscious soul and you dear one, who doesn’t fit into ‘normal’ society) 
And maybe this has come forth to my great conscious awareness right now because I am about to facilaite the first ever Sacred 4 Integration of the Divine Masculine on Tuesday….. and THAT only just dawned on me writing this now 🤦‍♀️ the fact of how fucking big this is…. 
To heal the unbalance of patriarchal energy on this planet that has been dominating for eons on this planet….. 
Because….. I was only able to watch half of this movie on the way over, because I slept for the first hour of flight because I needed it. 
And saying goodbye to my precious daughter, and checking back into Auckland International Airport to come back home, I was trying to figure out why I was drawn to watching such a movie and… do you know what came to me? 
I was only half way through it at this point and so obviously only half the story… but the part that had stood out to me? The part that – the ‘answer’ that came to me as I asked such questions in my mind as I walked around Auckland International Airport…? (As when you ask you always receive an answer if you only stop and listen ✨ 👂🏻 ✨) 
Is that…. the president Stalin at that time trying to take over Ukraine? 
Is me. 
And I tried holding back tears and the intense depths of sadness I felt for Humanity, as I realised this walking through the crowds of people…  
Controlling, dominating, demanding, fuck you listen to me do as I say or I will kill you and I do. 
Now wait up, before you say, “Oh no Hannah, you’re all kind and generous and peaceful and loving.” 
✋ Stop right there. And listen. Listen very fucking carefully .✨ 👂🏻 ✨
Because what I am giving you here, is the keys to changing Humanity as we know it, to truly healing the planet and ridding every persons heart of the pain and suffering that we don’t want on our magnificent planet but that not many know what to do about it. 
If you cannot understand what I saying, then, you need to sit with this. You need to really hear what I’m saying, feel it, not understand it. Read it. Take it in. Ponder it. BE with it. 
For I have that within me. The control, the domination, the darkness….. 
And honey? 
If I don’t own that? 
I am just like them. 
I am just one more blip in the error of consciousness that is shunning its way through life and hoping things will change because I don’t know really what to do. 
And as I was walking through the motions in Auckland International Airport, holding back tears 😭 events streamed into my consciousness that have happened in my short current lifetime, where I have been controlling, over bearing, dominating, not given anyone a choice, let alone a chance. Taken toys away, threatened, abused… and… even killed. (Yes I used to go kangaroo and rabbit shooting when I was a kid) and yes, I eat meat nowadays. Which means I kill right? 🤔 
And don’t start me on the I’m vegan so I don’t kill bullshit. Don’t tell me you’ve never flattened a mosquito that’s been sucking the blood out of you, or accidentally hit a butterfly whilst you were driving on that bitumen road that you say you want to live off grid but need to come into town to buy your needs bullshit. 
If honey, you cannot see – that EVERY SINGLE ASPECT THAT EXISTS OUT THERE IS WITHIN YOU TOO, then you need to take another look. 
If you cannot see that? You are just like them. And not only are you creating and feeding separation – you are keeping THEM stuck. 
Yes ultimately no one can affect you and you can affect them. 
But you having this judgement about them? 
IS keeping them stuck. 
What shifts that/them? 
Is a huge bubble of compassionate heart felt non judgemental dose of LOVE ❤️ 
If you STILL cannot see this… the keep looking. And look HARD. And don’t stop looking until you see it. 
Because you may go around pointing the finger at what is wrong in the world and blame everything and everyone outside of yourself…. but as you do this…. 
You are no different to that president sitting in his throne demanding, controlling, feeling all powerful when deep inside is a scared little boy who won’t let anyone IN…. (boy – man – yep – time to heal the patriarchal hey?) 
Slavery – how are you feeling a slave? 

Where are you restricted? 

What freedom do you long for? 
Because don’t you see right here? You are already THAT – the slavery, the helplessness…. 
And then where do you get controlling in your life? 

Wondering where you boyfriend or girlfriend is – what they are doing? Worrying about your child because ultimately you don’t trust them because you don’t trust yourself… And where does all this stem from? 
Fear of not being good enough. 
Fear of being left. 
Fear of being alone.
Fear of fill in the blank. 
So much got me about that movie. But do you know what hit me most? And was the 🤦‍♀️ this is why I was drawn to watch it?
Was yes, I was aware of it being based on a true story from the start…. but the end bit? 
When the writing comes up before the true end and tells you: 
– The Genocidal Famine created by the Soviets in 1932/33 is known today as the Holodomor (Death by starvation) 

– That the full horror of this deliberate policy of genocide towards Ukraine was only revealed after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 
Nineteen fucking ninety one. 
And do you know where I felt this? 
Not just in my Heart and the streams of tears that I couldn’t stop as the air hostess came along asking me if I wanted Salmon or Butter Chicken for dinner (god bless and very grateful bit the fucking irony? 😑) as the movie finished and I just read those words that made my Heart reach out to Humanity with sooooo much compassion.  
Here I am, bawling, feeling and not only feeling but shifting – consciously knowing what my role of a Lightworker is on this planet…… 
But I felt this in my Sacral. 
Where we are fucking nourished. 
And the pain? The depths of the fuck me – pain – the word pain? Does not one single fucking bit cover the depth of the feeling of – them having this be a secret for 60 odd years. Seriously. Take a moment – to fathom the depths of SOUL PAIN that they’ve been carrying – as a collective country/family/soul beings/tribe. 
The darkness, the unsettledness… the uncomfortableness…. the everyone not knowing how to nourish themselves properly, and the secrecy? The SECRECY… 
Imagine what secrecy does to your Soul? 
Has someone ever hidden you from their outside lives? Yep. Now times that by a million and your starting to tap into the collective.
Don’t you see it’s all tied? That your tiny experience is but a part of that huge experience?
That is the bit that got me – that is what I FELT. 
That for 60 years – this has been the hugest burden and secret that they’ve carried around in their SOULS literally dying for freedom. Literally. 
And this? 
You think you’re not affected by events like this in the world?
Yeah yeah, I teach and preach that we aren’t affected by our outside circumstances YES! 100%…. 
If you are newly beginning your awakening journey… 
I’d you are consistently getting stuck on the same issues over and over…. 
Then this? This is your answer. 
Now I’m not saying that this specific event in history is the specific key for YOU… yet – 
It’s what’s going on in the collective that is what is affecting you/you’re still tied too and it’s keeping you stuck at that level…. why? 
Because you haven’t worked on that spider Webb thread yet and it’s just holding you there thats all babe. 
But this specific event I’m speaking of? 
Do you know what they also said at the end of that movie? 
Ready for it? 
Between 7 and 10 million people were killed by this Holodomor.
Did you read that? No wait – FEEL IT? 
Between 7 and 10 million people. 
Wait for it – between 1932 and 1991. 
Like – 1991 – less than 20 years ago. 
That means your fathers grandparents. Or your mums mum. 
Yes I know other world wars etc etc have gone on during this time and that currently there is big shit going down in the world. 
The point of what I am saying is. 
We are in Sacral Chakra. 

And the collective secrecy? 
Is holding YOU captive. 
The hiding. 
The dying for freedom but having been kept locked up, tortured, captive. 
Explained in current day terms:

The dying freedom: scared of living your truth and freedom again in case you get your food taken away and killed for being YOU) 

Locked up: our separate housing lives where families are struggling to ‘be normal’ because we are supposed to live in tribes not isolation. (Remember it’s supposed to be 1:4 child to adult ratio to raise a child so if you’re a single parent falling apart or a family away from anyone you know – it’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with you!) 

Tortured: seeing what others have and thinking they have it Better than you with no issues

Captive: 2 things here – 1: caught up in 9-5 society and 2: Life Purpose is captive within your Soul and not being able to be expressed (Throat Chakra issues not speaking and living your truth, cut off from your heart therefore society, find yourself hiding more than loving, and.. pretty much any physical body symptom because your Soul isn’t housed fully in your body which is the antidote to ANY illness) 
Sacral Chakra? 
Is not only where we are nourished properly – healthily – SUSTAINABLY. 
It isn’t the consumerism you hippies bag out those who do it about…. 
It’s where when you are sustained properly. Nourished properly. Your being not only thrives. But your gut works properly. Which allows your mind to work properly. Which allows house for your SOUL to incarnate INto your body. 
(Remember this is the coming DOWN from the Crown down thing I always speak about)… 
And most importantly??? 
You create space for gestation. For your womb (yes as a male you have an energetic womb – it’s your Sacral) where your projects are given a place to be grown, nurtured and fed…. until they are ready to be born (Base Chakra). 
The point I am making here?
Is that this secrecy – is and has been collective. 
Is that so many are awakening, coming out of their shells – the Lightworker’s are waking up coming back…. there are many Souls arriving and awaiting to enter this planet right now. 
That are no longer willing to hide, no longer willing to keep their mouth shut and conform. That time is over. Well fucking over. 
The Lightworker’s (or insert whatever role you call yourself to be) are getting degrees and inserting themselves into the current systems that we both know are not sustainable and need changing.. and you’re doing exactly that – from the inside fucking out baby. 
I wonder what those 7 to 10 million Souls that were killed and lived a life like that, are choosing to come back and do this lifetime? 🤔
If this doesn’t resonate with you, I wonder what you’re still reading to this point for? 🤔 
Yet, if you are still reading….? 
You feel it honey. So much so. And I wonder if you even feel the tears well with resonance babe and I’m here, i totally get it and you’re are not alone. Ever. 
And, side note message for you – if you’re having issues with food or diet or physical symptoms from food in particular? Then you being drawn to reading this, is you having a connection to this space in time…. this collective… and it’s calling you to heal it now…. (I can help you if course with this if you need or trust what Healer you’re called to to work through this) 
Because for me? I am on the shift, the verge the realities shifting, in my own personal life, my world is changing shifting and my new reality that I’ve been manifesting is deeply a reality now…. and that moving to the next dimension is here…. 
And… for you? Well, this isn’t for everyone honey…. and you either feel you’re connected to this wave that’s happening now moving to the next level or you don’t….. and when you know it, you don’t need to question it either. It just is. Oh you damn well feel it. 
And those that aren’t changing? They’re just not on this current wave… but they’re struggling to hold it all together…. because we are rising from the inside out and they can’t do a single thing about it…. 
So just before you go judging those souls who might be fighting back (I have no fucking idea whose at war right now maybe I should’ve googled that shit before I posted this, but this is an intuitive flow expression of healing Humanity, not a ‘get the facts right’ post because THAT would come from head – where everyone is at war – not from Heart = which is exactly what heals war ❤️) 
Take a moment to feel into the depths of their pain, their anger, their rage…. their right for freedom that has been long taken away – but the most part?? 
If you still think this is about them, or Stalin or Hitler or anyone else, you’ve missed the entire point babe. The ENTIRE FUCKING POINT. 
And honey, if you still think that calling in your Soulmate is ONLY that… then you’ve ALSO missed the entire point honey!! It’s about healing humanity. As is all my teachings. My offerings. All of them. And if you don’t FEEL that in the depths of your being from reading this? Please dig a bit deeper. Clear out the pain in your heart so you can feel… because if you’re wondering what it is you need to do to change what’s happening out there…. it’s you honey. It’s all you. 
Because this Divine Nourishment you’re seeking? Is Your Own Soul Babe. Your Own Soul. 
From this as I’ve been writing, if you are drawn to Calling In Your Soulmate and you’re reading this, I’ve been told to offer it to you at half Price of the early bird!! That’s ridiculous!! But only if you message me and tell me you’ve read this and your Soul gets it and is ready for it even if you don’t fully consciously understand it you feel the cal in your Soul and you just know you have to do this…. and this half price early bird is only if you book your place before the end of August. (Can’t believe I had to put that in! But… ultimately makes total sense because Humanity is what is most important right here right here right fucking now) ❤️
We start Calling In Your Soulmate on the 21st September…. 
I hope and pray and TRUST that from my Heart to yours dear Lightworker you fully get this, see this, hear this, feel this… and together, we create and feed the collective of LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS. ❤️

With deep Love, Hannah ❤️
Movie: Bitter Harvest 

**If I got any facts wrong, I apologise. Remember to research your own truth and find what resonates for you. Don’t just take my word for it and then crack it at me because you didn’t find your own truth in the situation. ✌🏻

P.S. Serious to work through this babe? Click here now honey: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation/

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