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Reality Awareness | I don’t want to press publish all the time….
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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I don’t want to press publish all the time….

I don’t want to press publish all the time….

It doesn’t happen very often, but there are times I don’t want to press ‘publish’ and post my heart and soul out to the world.

And it usually only happens when I am feeling very vulnerable. And there are times when I question what I’ve shared.

But like everything in my life, if I don’t share me, my heart and soul and the depths of my learnings, then what am I here for?

If I don’t let all of me OUT, then I am doing a disservice to myself, let alone everyone that reads it…

There are times when I doubt, but there is a deeply stronger part of me that knows that everything happens for a reason even when I don’t understand, even when it doesn’t make sense….

Just like ALL my business decisions… I have no idea why I am guided to do certain things or post what I do or write what I do or create the courses I do… I just do it… maybe later I understand why and most of the time I don’t…

I remember now, I am here to serve me… I am here to do me… and me shares what I’ve learnt… and if you stumble across it and read it maybe you are meant to… and if you don’t resonate with it, then unfollow/unsubscribe babe! #simple

I’ve learnt that to completely align with your path, not everyone who starts with you is going to be at the finish line with you…

And is there even a finish line?

No. Of course not.

But I am here to be all of me, as much as possible in every single moment.

And not everyone likes all of me… and that’s okay… I’m not everyone’s cup of tea..

I know I trigger people just by my PRESENCE even and most of the time through your device!

Because a true healer does just that…

It’s kinda the way the world works…. so we can become more conscious of ourselves and align with our true path… to put us all on our true paths, so we can create that which we are asking for…

It was only on Sunday when I questioned what I wrote and why… and for some reason what answer came to that question (because when you ask, you ALWAYS get an answer, just depends whether you are LISTENING)

That, Louise L. Hay’s impact on the world…. that my impact on the world… that I may just give you the courage to FEEL ALL that you are feeling at any given point in time…

That by me sharing how I do it…

That by me feeling what I’m feeling…

That by me sharing the gifts of what I’m feeling and why and what comes from that and the shifts I have when I feel all of me….

May just give you the courage to FEEL what you are feeling…

Without judging it….

Without labelling it….

Without putting yourself down….

Without thinking there is something wrong with you….

Without thinking…..

Just feeling.


All of it.

All of you.

So that it may pass through you.

And so that you can be you again.

All of you.

Because you can.

Love Hannah xx ❤️

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Because there is no point in settling babe…

You deserve to have all that you want…

If you are even clear on all that you want?

In a relationship?

Or in life?

Or are you settling?

And find that you always end up wanting more?

Do you even allow yourself the permission to have what you really want?

To have more?

Do you believe you are being all of you right now?

Or are you still hiding bits of you?

Scared to be all of you?

Wondering how you can even be more of YOU?


We dig deep in Calling In Your Soulmate babe… so that you can be all of you and get clear on what it is you really want – because you may think you do – but do you really? The TRUE you?

“I love this course! As soon as I heard about the course it resonated with me strongly. Hannah is great and keeps it real, giving feedback and advice to everyone who shares their journey. Hannah gives instructions and exercises to follow that have taught me about myself and my expectations that I hadn’t recognised. I’ve also learnt that I’m actually doing quite a bit right. I need direction to keep me on track sometimes so this was perfect for me and I find myself looking forward to doing each module to see what I will learn. From the beginning exercises, the universe sent me a few tests to see if I really wanted what I said I did, so I was seeing results quickly. I am really starting to like myself and be able to focus on the good in me as well as accept the not so good, something I see as pretty important if I want the same from and for a partner. Each day I have new realisations that I would not of had if not for the modules that I have completed so far; I now know that one of my childhood roles as a scapegoat had become a role in my relationships too, that I seem to have buried my feminine (mmm not so attractive to a male), closed my heart (whilst I believed I was wearing my heart on my sleeve), was carrying way too much crap from my past relationships (no surprise that there was no room for anything new to come through) and many other things. Whilst I haven’t met him yet, my dreams have changed and I can feel a man around me now ready to come in. Can’t wait to get working on the rest of the modules, thank you Hannah.” – Lesley Kim Baker 

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