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Reality Awareness | What’s Your Money Story?
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What’s Your Money Story?

What’s Your Money Story?

What’s Your Money Story?

You know it’s never about the money right?

“If you only knew my situation Hannah, yes, it is about the money!” You know what babe? I’ve been there… and heard this many times too… and yep, it triggered the fuck out of me too.

So what it is really about then? I’ll get to that in a moment…

Whenever you say, “Oh, I don’t have the money for that.” You are blocking the flow.

Say instead, “I am choosing to put my finances in other places I am being called to right now.”

Because reality is – you ALWAYS find a way to do the things you WANT and NEED to do – regardless of your money situation correct?

You may say, “I don’t have enough money for that.” – but will go and buy that thing you really want, or the food, or alcohol or otherwise yes? #realitycheck: you always have the money you need for the things you need and more to the point – you VALUE.

Your money story creates your entire reality. What? Say that again? Your money story creates your entire reality.

Think about it, without the money you need, it changes your choices in what you do right?

I am sure you have a zillion things you would love to do and have and BE doing, if only money wasn’t holding you back right?

Yet, without that amazing thing called Money, you are held back and restricted correct?

Did you answer yes or no to that question? Comment below – yes money restricts me or no, money doesn’t restrict me – I want to know please!


Because if you think that something outside of yourself is restricting you.. there is your first mistake… Yes, money included. Do you see how your money story is affecting your entire reality already?

“Oh, but you don’t understand Hannah, if you only knew my situation, you would understand.” You know what? I could agree with you with all the reasons you give me – you know why? Because I have been there! Done that! FELT that! And it doesn’t feel nice… And whilst it might be real for you right now… that is your key starting point of where you need to shift out of.

If you are placing what you can and can’t do on your Money situation hence, Your Money Story, you are not only limiting money, but life itself. You are blocking possibilities, love, money, relationships, opportunities – anything.

To start changing this and start receiving the financial abundance you are craving, you can start by affirming:

  • Everything is working out for my highest good
  • I see opportunities where I have never seen it possible before
  • For every problem there is a solution and I am training myself to find the solution
  • I am now training myself to open to receiving money
  • I am willing to let in money and other resources now
  • I am opening my mind and heart to resources coming to me from all directions in time
  • I notice my thoughts, visions, hearing and feelings consciously to guide my next step right now
  • I am trusting my choices more and more every single day

So what is it really about?


Yeah, yeah, you may have heard that before and you may be stuck in poverty consciousness and feeling trapped and wondering how it will ever change for you.

I am here to tell you it is possible and it DOES happen and CAN happen for YOU.

Valuing yourself – ‘Yeah Hannah, but what does valuing myself got to do with how much money I have or let in?’

It isn’t just about your physical body. It is about how you FEEL about yourself. It is about how you FEEL about your current environment, your surroundings, your car, your home and most importantly?

The constant self talk and consciousness of your mind’s wanderings in every single moment of every single day.

Yes, of course, if we were 100% conscious all the time, we wouldn’t be here, we would be in another dimension.

But reality IS changing – OR are you just becoming more conscious of your reality and you are noticing how damn powerful you are and then become scared of that power – like you know, you start journalling and really consciously committing to mindset work and noticing how it actually really works and how damn powerful it actually is and you freak out and so go back to your unconscious ways, mindset and step back into poverty and scarcity consciousness – and therefore experience THAT?

What would you rather?

Then why aren’t you?

Complain or Empower?

Victim or Powerful, inspirational BEing?

“Yeah, but…” = that is enough babe.

Enough with the excuses.

Enough with the fear babe.

Because you are sick and tired of it hey?

So, what are you doing with it?

What are you doing NOW?

Because this moment, you CAN choose something else… yes?

So… choose that – NOW.

  • Even though I am scared, I am willing to change my thoughts
  • Even though I am scared, I am willing to step into empowerment
  • Even though I don’t know how, I know I am guided in every moment
  • Even though I doubt, I still trust myself and my choices anyway
  • Even though I think I am wrong, I now choose to see my choices as RIGHT FOR ME, no matter what anyone else says
  • I am now willing to engage in conscious thought and powerful choosing in every single moment of my day

Are you ready to let in Money honey?

Are you ready to empower yourself?

Are you ready to ignite that which is withIN you and let ripple out into your world?

Are you ready to ATTRACT rather than strive or push or more?

Are you ready for ease and flow?

Are you ready for happiness in your Heart?

Are you ready to smile from the inside out?

Then you’re ready for Positive Change babe: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/positive-change/

Yes, Positive Change taps into ALL areas of your life – because, you really want Positive Change, light but powerful, empowering but easy Positive Change in ALL areas of your life hey babe? Not just in Money and then your relationships are still crap right? That’s why we are uplifting and shifting your ENTIRE life, not just one section in Positive Change babe: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/positive-change/

Simple. Fast. Deep. LONG LASTING Positive Change.

Let’s do this: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/positive-change/

Yes, including rewiring your Money Story to receive the financial support you need and NOW.

Keeping It Real.

Love, Hannah xxx




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