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Reality Awareness | Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call

Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call

If you deeply care about our Earth and the humans inhabiting it, if you think the Government is a joke, if you are wondering what your Life Purpose is, if you are having physical health issues like crazy right now, you need to read this. ALL of it.

Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call. I deeply hear your call. (read the entirety of this blog. Not just some of it. Especially if you get triggered with the first few lines.)

I won’t push you into thinking how small you are. Or more so, how small you are thinking. If you tell me you can’t afford my prices then that is your reality for you. Yet if you follow me, you believe you create your own reality so you must know that every word you speak is doing so right? That you are creating another world that you experience. Just like Minecraft. Yes, I have been experiencing the power of Minecraft and the limitless nature of what you can do and create in there.

Yet, just like movies that you watch and you think – well, someone SOMEWHERE must’ve had to experience this some how or some thought came into their mind to make that up – and we literally create worlds as we do this.




I won’t be making you feel bad for telling me you can’t afford it. I will just hear you with what you said to me and see straight through the truth of what you are saying.

That actually, you are spending your money elsewhere right now.

Keep reading if this is making you uncomfortable.

Or curious.

With where I am going with this.

I will not belittle you, or make you feel bad for telling me you can’t afford my services.

For, you DID come to ME didn’t you?

Did I force myself upon you in your world?

Did I hunt you down?


Didn’t think so.

You found your way to me.


Through someone.

Or stumbled upon me somehow.

Or through your intuitive Soul guide – YOU.

And it is not even ONLY MY services and offerings… – anything you want in life that you tell yourself you can’t afford.

I will not make you feel bad for telling yourself your reality.

But I will empathise with you. I will hear you.

But in truth, I will not agree with you.

The truth I see… is that you are choosing to spend your money elsewhere.

And you need to start seeing this truth too.

Hold up a minute – this has EVERYTHING to do with Earth Mother Calling…. stay with me a minute… .

I will not belittle you, I will not berate you. I will not blow my horns and whistles screaming at you (well, I may not be physically screaming, yet, energy doesn’t need a voice does it now?)

I will not attract you into my life and then scream at you because you are telling me you can’t afford it.

I will not scream at you and tell you how you should be spending your money and that by you telling me you can’t afford it that you are devaluing yourself and your self worth and your being because you said. Those. Words.

Because by me screaming at you for saying. Those. Words.? Is only a reflection on my part not seeing the truth of the situation.

That the truth of you choosing to spend your money elsewhere right now…. is where I HONOUR you.

I honour you for choosing what is right for you and your life path RIGHT NOW.

You will choose to wake up when you wake up.

THAT is not my responsibility. THAT is not my judgement call.

On ANY of your life.

Especially where you choose to spend your money right now.

Yet I will notice. I will DEEPLY notice this other truth….

I will notice what you are doing every time you say. Those. Words.

I notice what you are doing to yourself. To your life. To our Earth Mother.

Every single time you tell yourself you can’t afford something. Everytime to you say. Those. Words.

This other truth?

Don’t go chasing something and then tell yourself you can’t afford it – don’t you see yet? Can’t you see what I am saying yet?

You see money is just a road block you put in the way to your hearts dreams. Your Soul’s Destiny. Your Life Purpose.

You MAY be getting triggered right now and I urge you to keep reading… stay here.

Your current reality may be that you are soooo utterly frustrated, sooo utterly in the depths of despair, because you KNOW in the core of your being that you are destined for greater things for yourself… and the planet… for humanity of this world.

For better things and what you want some things you can’t yet afford

But you FEEL it, because you know for some reason it is your destiny to have these things, be a certain way, lead a certain lifestyle

Whilst you can do all the mindset work you can and this is something I will say you NEED to do mindset work, shit doesn’t just fall in your lap but you need to align with your destiny and THAT takes mindset work PLUS action to do that.

Oh honey, when you FEEL the cogs click into place you will know. God you will know.

Tears of the depth of PEACE will stream down your face because you KNOW, because you FEEL it because you felt it the entire time.

If it doesn’t bring you to your knees honey then it’s not your Destiny.

But if you know in the depths of your Heart do not give up.

Do not give up for one single moment.

Not even when everyone around you stops believing in you (yeah you won’t have them in your life anymore anyway by conscious choice) because your dreams are bigger than your bullshit and bigger than letting them think you are crazy stop you.

Because you cannot stop until you feel that PEACE, that Soul alignment peace, that you know is your destiny.

And, it’s not that you will ever STOP as such… but the ALIGNMENT feeling of PEACE that you hit when you have completely ALIGNED?

THAT is unquestionable.

THAT is the stuff dreams are made of.

THAT Is the untouchable presence of YOU that will make you not EVER look back, not for one moment.

THAT is the gold that makes you so solid in your Heart, Soul and Destiny that anyone who doubts you – you do not even notice. They don’t trigger you. They don’t even enter your field. It isn’t even there. They don’t exist.

THAT is the destiny of your SOUL and you have just stepped into who are you are meant to BE and what you are here to DO on this planet.

THAT is the GOLD that beams from the inside out.

It is unmistakable. Is unfathomable. Is complete tyranny to your SOUL if you do not fulfil this mission.

Did you hear that? Did you COMPREHEND THAT???

Here it is in big capitals for you:


Do you know what Tyranny means?

I had to google it. Just as I do most words that come through intuitively as I write to make sure I am understand the messages coming through to share with you and activate YOUR SOUL in some way shape or form….

When I googled Tyranny meaning, it came up with this: cruel and oppressive government or rule.

Do you understand the message of this blog yet?

Here it is in simple and easy to understand terms, just in case you don’t get it yet.

That your SOUL is at war with your human self – or perhaps it is the other way around, because aren’t Soul’s supposed to be all loving and peaceful and shit? 😉

Cruel and oppressive government rule.

I don’t need to remind you of “what the government is doing to us” and I say that in inverted commas for a REASON, because if you know the truth, no one is doing anything to us but us!

But ourselves.

But YOU.

Doing IT to YOU.

Honey – do you realise the power in that statement –


You are your own government.

And if you are not fulfilling your Soul’s mission RIGHT NOW – you ARE the government on this Earth honey.

And. When you stop to think about that and comprehend that depth of that.

It all. Makes. So. Much. Sense.

Oh, and I say that with sooo much compassion right now to you.

You know how I said just before:

This other truth?

Don’t go chasing something and then tell yourself you can’t afford it – don’t you see yet? Can’t you see what I am saying yet? 

You see money is just a road block you put in the way to your hearts dreams. Your Soul’s Destiny. Your Life Purpose. 

Be very clear of what I am saying here and make sure you read it twice, thrice or more if you are triggered by what I am saying because money triggers people like no fucking tomorrow, let alone not knowing what your Life Purpose is.

You know, those. words.?

That what you are claiming you can’t afford is showing up in your reality for a reason – do you realise this?

Do you know why?

You may be one of those people reading this and might be very clear you don’t want that thing or are ‘happy with what you’ve got’ that’s fine. I’m not really talking to you. Actually. I am not.

Because the ones who want that thing so damn fucking bad and will make it happen no matter how long it takes,


Are you hearing me?

You are getting clues to your Life Purpose right now – are you listening?

Babe – it ain’t about the money!

If you are reading this and think it is about the money – honey – go and read this blog until you realise it isn’t….. or just STOP. Following. Me. Because you clearly don’t get it.

Babe, there is so much free stuff  an content on the internet these days you could do ANYTHING by watching youtube videos all you would need to pay for is your device and data/wifi – although I am sure there are ways you could even manifest THAT if you opened your mind and heart enough.

This is not about me making you buy my stuff.

This is about me waking you up to the reality I see so darn fucking clearly.

That it is now 11:55pm and I had to get out of bed to sit at my computer to write this NOW because at 10:25pm I had this huge wave wash over me and I couldn’t type fast enough on my phone, well I could laying in bed but my arms were sore holding my phone up and fingers/thumb sore from typing so fast, after I had just had the most connected and d&m with my daughter as she fell asleep, that tears were streaming down my face as I was writing this blog and the depth of what I FELT in my SOUL that I HAD to get up and write and post this to you NOW. EVEN after being so fucking tired all damn day.

If you are aware of things that I have written in this blog and you have a plan and are making it fucking happen then you shouldn’t be triggered by what I have said about your words of – you know -those. words. Because you are making a plan and making it happen – are you not?

And if yes, you must take this blog as your sign of your deep confirmation of your path right now of you aligning to your Souls path and destiny beyond what you can barely conceive imaginable right now.

Come on surely you’ve heard the saying, whatever it is, along the lines of that your dreams are more incredible than what you imagine right now?

You will be resonating with this if you are a Healer.

If you have lived lives before on this planet.

If you resonate with being an Ancient Blooded Healer.

If you have recently been experiencing major health issues – especially to do with your Physical Heart and Blood and are currently undertaking a huge lifestyle over haul.

Then you know.

Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call.

Through my Body, Mind and Soul – I hear your Ancient call.

The pollutants in the water ways, the writings on the wall, the land that the Earth trembles on is brewing in Her wake.

The terror that She feels is the tremor of our Hearts. Skipping beats. Missing. The. Beat.

Of your Soul’s Song. Your Soul’s drum.

May the voice and the tone of not only your Hearts song, your Souls Calling, but the TONE and VIBRATION of the sound of your destiny be awakened through the words of and the tone of your voice.

Your voice holds vibration, be mindful how you use it.

Low and high vibrations.

Loud and soft vibrations.

Angry or kind vibrations.

The pollutants in the rivers, in the water ways and more are only the amount of heavy, negative and low vibrations of them all around us right now.

Earth Mother is calling – are you listening in to Her call?

That comes through the tone of your voice through the vibrations of your Soul…

How are you using your Soul vibration today to affect change in this world?

To have the tranquil place we so long for in the Heart of our Soul the entirety of the Universe is aligning and currently splitting in two – to which dimension are you shifting to?

Which road are you taking?

Which exit off the highway are you choosing?

Yes I am talking about the highway in the Universe.

The direction of our galaxy, flying through that huge space.

Which exit will you take?

With your words and your voice?

Or are you staying for the ride?

With your words and your voice?

Our galaxy is on a highway right now…

Are you going to align to your destiny to align our galaxy on the highway?

Earth Mother, Earth Mother, I hear your call.

Show me the way, show me my destiny, align my Soul.

Earth Mother I call to you.

And I hear your call Earth Mother.

I hear you.

Loud. And. Clear.

Keeping it REAL.

Love, Hannah

P.S. – YES! I am sooo frigging excited I wasn’t going to tell anyone until I have done it – but I am cannot help but write what is streaming through me – yes I am writing my next book – The Handbook for Ancient Blooded Healers and I am channeling so pretty powerful stuff through me, I cannot wait to share it with you.

P.P.S. Positive Change – need I say more after this blog? Do you understand the depth of Positive Change after reading this blog now? Life Purpose? Anyone? We start next Wednesday: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/positive-change/

P.P.P.S. Yes my 1:1’s have filled up for the next 3 weeks! What has shifted has shifted DEEPLY. If you want to book in before the line get’s longer, please PM me now xx

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