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Reality Awareness | 3 Simple Steps to Shifting Your Pain
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3 Simple Steps to Shifting Your Pain

3 Simple Steps to Shifting Your Pain

3 Simple Steps to Shifting Your Pain

The key point about unconsciousness is a rejection of your own hurt and pain.

Until you become conscious of this hurt and pain and know how to deal with it, care for it, learn to love it and then transform it, do you continue to project, blame and maim others.

When somebody says ‘I’m sorry,’ for something they have done, do you accept it and move on? Or sit in your hurt and pain, or react back?

Now, I am not down playing anybody’s hurt and pain right here, nor the trauma that comes from people being hurt by other people. Nor, the processing time, willingness and supported help to move through such pain and trauma. But you do have a choice to reach out to the people who can help you. Or not. Or use the tools you actually have in your hot little hands right now.

However, there also needs to be a reminder of the collective consciousness and the power of the Healers and ‘awake’ beings, and how when we do the work, we are healing the collective right now. Or reacting to it.

You also have to remember, that hurt people, hurt people.

Unconsciousness, breeds unconsciousness. Triggers, breed triggers.

Until, someone wakes up.

And sees that, hurt people hurt people.

That anyone who stands up and stands in their power will be frowned upon by some, ripped to shreds by others for many reasons.

For example, the men who have stood up and apologised. Even if they didn’t do wrong. Yet, they see the truth.

The truth in the collective consciousness and the POWER in saying sorry and doing the work on their own wounded masculine and more, (btw, women have this too and it is up to all of us conscious Healers, to heal both the masculine and feminine withIN US) and how it will help to heal what is rising to the surface. (because remember, all the work so many of us are doing at becoming more conscious of ourselves each and every single day, is bringing more unconsciousness to light. More darkness is rising, because there is enough light to handle it, to transform it)

Yet, the key point? The key point about unconsciousness? The MAIN reason that someone will rip someone down, judge them, or think they are a scam or more?

Yes, there is pain there for them – that is the huge cloud.

And what is under that cloud?

Is because they simply do not understand.

They don’t understand why that person did that to them.

They don’t understand how that could’ve happened.

They simply do not understand the situation.

I know that a HUGE part of my life purpose, is to help people understand.

I give you a different point of view.

I help you to see the bigger picture.

But not only that, to heal it within yourself.


Because this depth of understanding is deeper than coming in and saying you need to do this and that and you are wrong for thinking the way you are thinking. No. That isn’t what this is about.

This is completely accepting you where you are at. In your pain. In your trauma. And more.


Because no one has ever heard the depth of your pain before have they babe?

Like REALLY heard you.

Like, transformatively heard you.

If you feel like no one understands YOU, if you feel like the world is against you, if you feel like nothing has worked out the way you thought you saw the amazing life you could’ve had has been ripped out of your hands by powers out of your control, if you feel like no body cares about you or loves you, here is how you can fix it in 3 simple steps:

  1. You have to learn to let shit go. Ouch. Touchy subject I know. You can read more about how to let shit go in my article here. Why is this so important? Because babe, your Heart is closed. And that isn’t good for business, for money, for abundance, for LOVE. But most importantly? For allowing yourself to feel like you are cared for, loved, heard, understood – that you MATTER. Because you do. And if you don’t FEEL this way, then continue to follow these steps.
  2. Take out a pen and paper. Write down the first 5 people that you have issues with right now that come to mind as you read this. This will give you a clear indication whether you have an issue with the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine. Why is this important? Because you will see where your walls are, how you are blocking the flow for your receiving and where you need to grieve and move past what is holding you stuck. 
  3. Work on forgiveness of self FIRST. Forgive yourself, for allowing yourself to be in this place in the first place. Forgive yourself for having being harsh on yourself for allowing it to happen. Forgive yourself for your unconsciousness that lead you to that place. Forgive yourself for still being in this place of unforgiveness. Why? Because this opens the doorway to you allowing your life to unfold the way you actually want it to unfold, rather than STILL being stuck in the same place, wondering what you are meant to be doing with your life and why nothing is working for you, or wondering what on Earth your Life Purpose is. Your forgiveness of self, is your doorway to FLOW with your life and your Life Purpose doors to swing open widely. Don’t worry about forgiving the other person – I am not talking about them. This is about you. Forgive you. This is what we are focusing on. The forgiveness of THEM will naturally come when it’s ready. (If you want to watch my youtube video on how to forgive someone when you don’t want to, watch that here) We are focusing on you right now. Can you forgive you? What else can you forgive yourself for? Get your pen and paper again and write 21 things right now, that you can forgive yourself for now.

If you are not willing to take these first steps, that may not be easy to do – but is your START. Then honey, stop complaining. Stop. Just stop. Yes, you have pain and yes it is important to shift this pain. But don’t whinge and complain if you aren’t going to take the first steps to start shifting this pain babe.

Now, there is a thing about someone really hearing you.

Is that sometimes you don’t actually realise that someone is hearing you. Stop the world! What? I will say it again.
Sometimes you don’t even realise someone is hearing you.
Until it is too late.
Until you realise that they were there listening to you all along.
And then they are gone. And you have more pain/grief/loss to deal with.
It is usually the people most close to you as well that you feel this way. That you don’t feel heard, understood, cared for, or loved, by the people closest to you, the people you most want this from.
You will feel this way, if you have your walls up from past experiences – this is your block. 

Did you do the 3 step process I just mentioned?

If you haven’t, go do it now. Especially if you are being triggered by what I am writing.

Remember, Healers, don’t heal you. They trigger you to look within.

Have you done that yet?

Looked within?

Those 3 Steps are your first port of call for looking within.

Go do that.

Yet, if you need help, if you want someone to do it for you, then reach out to them.

Yes, this is what I do. I am a Healer, and whilst I may trigger you, I can also show you how to Heal. I can Heal you. In depths you haven’t gone before. But only if you are successful through the application process and you can apply here. I am not willing to work with just anyone right now, for this is not where I am being called of service. I am being called to work with a select group of exclusive clients. You will feel your Soul call to this and you can apply for an Intuitive Healing Consultation here if you feel your Soul call.

Yet, you will see, that there are so many ways to heal. If you are willing. And THAT honey, is your key point.

If you have had enough of your current situation, then do something about it. If you don’t know what your next step is, but you are willing, then start with the 3 step process I shared here and I guarantee it will start shifting stuff for you and bring clarity of your next step.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable. Yet, honey, when has being comfortable ever served you?

Facing your pain may be the hardest thing you ever have to do.

But I GUARANTEE you, it WILL bring you the most FREEDOM and JOY.

I promise you.

From my Heart to yours, I hear you, I see you, I feel you, and I love you.

Just. The. Way. You. Are.

Keeping It Real.

Love, Hannah

P.S. If you want to heal your pain for good and have the exact tools under your belt for life, if you want the skills to increase your psychic awareness, fine tune your healing gifts, and hone in on your intuitive powers so that you don’t get floored by people’s energy, so you are not affected by the weather patterns, so you can stand in your power in the face of adversity AND activate your Life Purpose, Trust Your Intuition self paced, online course DOORS ARE OPEN. Yet babe – seriously – you will NEVER see Trust Your Intuition at this price ever again. So if you are serious about changing your life, healing your pain, turning it into your power, finding your life purpose, honing your intuition like never before and amping up your healing abilities, then this is for you. Doors close at this never to be seen again price on the 29th November join us here now babe.

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