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Reality Awareness | The Spiderwebs are being cleared out
Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, helping you to awaken your inherent spiritual and psychic gifts to contribute to birthing the New Earth.
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The Spiderwebs are being cleared out

The Spiderwebs are being cleared out

The Spiderwebs are being cleared out.

The threads are being stretched and flung back, broken.

Ready to rebuild new ones.

You know the saying, you can bring in the new whilst you are still holding onto the old!

When I talk about the ‘threads’, it is meaning the energetic threads/ties and emotions we have connected to other people.

Whenever we have a relationship with someone – doesn’t matter if we are intimate with them or not, it can be professional, or someone you accidentally bumped into in the street – you have an energetic tie to that person.

You know my Free Recalling Your Energy Meditation? That’s a good place to start – and for a reason. So you can start to distinguish what is your energy and what is someone else’s energy. You can get that here if you haven’t got that already: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/recalling-your-energy-meditation/

If you’ve been feeling extra tired, if you’ve been full of emotions, if you have needed to cry or have been crying, if you have been dreaming about your ex, or bumping into old flames in the street, or randomly hearing from them out of the blue, thinking about them or someone and then seeing them, or being shown a ‘sign’ about them or your Heart feels empty because you don’t have anyone or wondering what on Earth you are doing here right now with your life there are several factors that are going on.

  • It’s the end of 2017 – whatever needs to be cleared out for a clean 2018 this will be coming up
  • It’s also Mercury Retrograde, when ‘the past is reviewed’ for the same reason. Which means it is almost guaranteed you will hear from ex’s or be dreaming of them or more
  • We’ve just had a massive Super Full Moon and that timing was energetically closing off portals from 2017, so whatever ‘dregs’ or ‘threads’ or any ‘psychic debris’ in your aura and namely your heart – will be in your forefront of awareness. Why? If there are any past ties that are ‘undone’ or ‘unsaid’ or ‘you hadn’t really dealt with it fully’ or ‘there is a tad more grieving to do’ it will be shown to you. Allow it. Have you read my article on why grief is so important to FEEL instead of burying away? (psst, because then it won’t floor you so much when it comes up again and again and again.) Click here to read that if you haven’t already: http://realityawareness.com/2017/06/21/the-most-common-question-i-get-asked/   The Super Full Moon – ANY Full Moon – shows you what is ‘hiding’ ie the light is shining on it, to be transformed, to return to the light, to be lighter and be the light.
  • We are in the middle of Full Moon and Dark Moon – Last Quarter – as it comes down into Dark Moon, before the swing of the New Moon energy after the 18th, we are clearing out, shedding what is no longer required.
  • Plus – the Super Full Moon? That is just the first one out of 3! The Next Super Full Moon is on the 2nd January – I am holding our Full Moon Ceremony Live Online on New Years Day at 6:30pm – what a powerful way to welcome in 2018! More details for that here: http://realityawareness.com/full-moon-ceremony/
  • If you are in a relationship and it seems more rocky than usually – its the same – old unresolved stuff is at the forefront. Time for clearing is here.
  • We just stepped into Heart Chakra with Lightfilled Yoga for the Throat Chakra now having been filmed. So, whatever needs to be cleared out of the Heart, so the higher vibration can ‘get IN your body’ is being shifted out.

This is a very potent time right now.

Plus we are close to Christmas and that bring’s it’s own ‘stuff’ with it let alone what I’ve just mentioned above. Feelings of:

  • Not having anyone or the relationship or family you want
  • Not having the people in your life that are supposed to be by your side
  • Being away from family
  • Having to deal with family
  • Having to deal with the commercialism of it
  • Not having the resources you want to make it the best Christmas ever
  • How busy the shops are when you just want to get milk ffs! 😉
  • Not being where you ‘want’ to be but unsure where you want to be either!

Be gentle with yourself.

Consciously feel ALL your emotions without making yourself wrong for it. Remember grief is powerful to move through with a BIG HEART space holding it – that’s you babe – you’ve got a HUGE Heart, expand it into the feelings, because LOVE transforms all and YOU ARE LOVE. Even when you don’t feel it. You’re made up of the stuff, remember this.

When emotions come up – or things from your past come up, be mindful.

Check where the planets are. You may want to contact your ex or respond to that person who came back in ‘out of the blue’. If we are in Mercury Retrograde especially, just leave it until afterwards and then if those same feelings are there when we are ‘clearer’ then of course, go ahead. If you are full of emotions, just let yourself feel them and get them out – this may be all you need to do.

Clearing out the webs of your past are exactly that, clearing the cob webs. Yet, I also speak of it as this.

When we, as a person, are awakening into more conscious awareness of ourselves and the world, we are like a spider web. We are all connected to each other, whether we like it or not. People affect us and we affect people, we affect the planet and the planet affects us.

It isn’t that we ‘affect’ each other – yet the energy is moving through us ALL the time. It ‘affects’ us and get’s ‘stuck’ on us, if there is a resonance there for clearing.

I say that we are like a spider web and as we raise in vibration, anything and anyone that we’ve ever been in contact with feels that.

Hence another reason why people get back in contact with you, or you bump into them on the street.

If there is ‘unresolved’ stuff sitting in your aura – your Soul wants this cleared out and resolved.

We don’t have to wait until we die to do a life review and set our life on our highest path now.

When you are rising/raising your spiderweb threads are being pulled – some people and situations will ‘come with you’ into the next point of higher vibration than where you were, and some won’t.

And those ones that don’t that spider web thread (energetic thread) will stretch and stretch and there might be some ‘grasping’ as the other end of the thread feels your pull away/rise to the next space, and if they don’t choose to rise too, then it will break.

There will be a hole in the web for a time.

Tend to it – like you would a spider repairing it’s web.

Tend to it – your emotions of sadness, anger or more at the ‘damage’ that was done to the energetic space between you.

Whether ‘they did something’ or ‘you did something’ is kinda irrelevant – yet very important at the same time – to acknowledge EXACTLY how you are feeling. Just don’t act on it, until those strong emotions have moved through you. Because remember, that is all that needs to be done at this stage – to allow that stagnant energy to move through you. To allow the damage to be ‘looked at and ‘felt at how the damage has affected you.

And then start to repair the hole in your web – with commitments to self on how you will make different choices, so that doesn’t continue to happen, or keep happening, so that your web can stay strong, and continue to rise.

Or perhaps you leave to build a whole new web.

New situations, new people, new life.

Be okay with whatever you are feeling right now.

And be super mindful especially if you’ve been doing the work to shift your life! Welcome Mercury Retrograde every time it comes in – to show you where the threads are left undone and what you have ‘missed’ so you truly can move to next level in EVERY area of your life. No stone unturned, but to leave the weight of the stones behind. Because you have been working on that haven’t you babe?

Love, Hannah xxx

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