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Reality Awareness | The only thing that will cause you pain is not listening to what you know you’re meant to do
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The only thing that will cause you pain is not listening to what you know you’re meant to do

The only thing that will cause you pain is not listening to what you know you’re meant to do

The only thing that will cause you pain is not listening to what you know you’re meant to do.

You will rationalise, you will doubt, you will make all these reasons and rhymes about why you should do everything BUT the thing you know you are meant to be.

Hello pain central!

What is this pain? Denying the truth in your heart. That’s where it is coming from.

The truth of what you are meant to do – of what your Heart of what your Intuition, is telling you to do.

You will be causing yourself more pain if you:

  • Are denying yourself the freedom from leaving that unhealthy relationship
  • Know you need to take action on moving house but keep putting it off for ‘this reason or that reason’
  • Tell yourself this little bit of food won’t hurt, or ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ for that diet change, but that day never comes
  • Keep conveniently ‘forgetting’ that you were supposed to run that important errand
  • Keep putting off looking for that new job, because you can just keep putting up with current conditions
  • Don’t put into action your crazy ideas that you know you need to act on that you know have a huge contribution to aligning you with your Life Purpose

When you stay in situations that you know your Intuition has been telling you to do something about for a long time, you get

  • Depressed
  • Sad
  • Blame others
  • Physically (and usually constantly) sick
  • Have no energy
  • Are quite negative to be around most of the time
  • Hate life most of the time and are jealous at others success

You could take this pain – as your calling card.

Your wake up call.

Something is DEEPLY out of alignment.

Maybe it was good before, but that has changed – are you listening to the call of your Heart?

Where is it pulling you?

What are you denying that needs to be acknowledged?

Sometimes just acknowledging it shifts it and you don’t need to take action.

But if it still sits there, are you listening to it?

if you need more signs – ask! Ask for more signs that if you are meant to really do this thing – to show you loudly and clearly and then also ask for all the support you need to start doing the thing that you know you need to.

Humans can easily get addicted to pain. Heck, we can get addicted to anything!

Yet, wouldn’t it be better to be addicted to Peace and grounded solid JOY than pain?

When you are denying your inner truth – this takes up alot of energy!

Rather than just doing the thing – then more energy can flow IN.

So if you are feeling down, blue and low in energy – ask yourself, what you are denying – what inner truth, what call of my deepest heart’s desires am I ignoring and denying right now?

What is it that I need to take action on?

I pulled a card for this blog post, simply because of the significance of this post. Is it a surprise that it came up? No. Not at all. I even saw the card before I turned it! #coincidence #not

Do you trust yourself enough, do you believe in yourself enough, to not only listen, but take action on the call of your HEART?

Love, Hannah xxx

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