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Reality Awareness | Trusting Your SOUL over what anyone else says. How to listen to your intuition and not get sidetracked.
The best way to listen withIN and trust it - is to block everything else out.... even if just for an hour.
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Oh honey, it’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong…

Oh honey, it’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong…

Oh honey, it’s not about who’s right or wrong…

It’s not about, it’s this way or it’s that way…

It’s not about – because it works for you that is the way it has to be done…

What it is about…

Is that deep internal knowingness… that strength that comes from deep within – that IS you and ONLY you…

Not someone else’s perception of you…

Just because you are guided to do something, doesn’t mean it is ‘the way’ and how it is meant to be done for everyone…

The thing about what is right within – is that it is specifically tailored, made and unique just for you…


Because honey, you have a unique purpose that is your destiny and aligning to it and fulfilling it – is a role only YOU can fill.

And everyone else’s roles on this Earth may be similar, but they are also very, very different.


Because we only need to look at Nature to see the Synergistic flow.. and we are that – we are of the Earth, we belong to the Earth. The more we can return to the natural way of the Earth, the more in alignment we become to fulfil our destiny.

And just like Nature has a synergistic flow, meaning everhtnig has a place and a purpose and everything ‘just works’. So too, do our human selves.

When we are all completely aligned, (hello ‘new earth’ 😉 ) we all have a synergistic role to play with one another….

That is why copying another’s work doesn’t work….

That is why losing yourself in relationship is a wake up call to remember who you really are…

That is why trying to do work or otherwise that is what because someone told you to do never works…

That is why, the only way to completely align with your destiny is to TRUST what is withIN you and is wanting to come out of you.

Only you know what your Soul is guiding you to speak, do, write, say, be, turn up to and more. Only YOU. Not someone else.

What someone else has to say about it, is 1. ultimately none of their business and 2. they are stuck in duality consciousness of right and wrong and better than, less than stuff.

Just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it works for you.

Just because they said so, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Just because they think what you are doing is wrong (who made right and wrong anyway?!), doesn’t mean you have to take that on board.

Having a clear Throat Chakra switched ‘on’, allows your truth filter, to only swallow your truth and decipher if someone else’s opinion is right for you or not.

Remember, anything and everything that you’ve ever read and ever has been created on this Earth, including the device you are reading this on, first came from someone’s thought.

Even the prophecies you read about…

Prophecies only come true because someone believes them.

Whatever you give power and focus to….

Just because something felt right yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to force yourself with it today because that feeling has changed.

Discipline to what you know supports you yes.

But if something is no longer aligned with your SOUL – make sure you listen to that!

The other thing that won’t work is doing what you don’t want to do!

If it is isn’t alive for you… don’t do it…

If it causes you pain most of the time – then there is something in that – are you listening?

If you are upset most of the time – what are you still putting yourself in that situation for?

Sometimes you need to leave a space to realise how much you are holding.

And then so many things become clear of why you feel like you do most of the time.

And you realise what needs to be done and you make it priority to change it.

Because until you realise, well, how can you realise?

So go easy on yourself babe.

But most of all – listen to what is DEEP WITHIN YOU.

Block everyone out if you have to – get silent, listen withIN, BE.

And if you find you can’t get on with it because of distractions – block what you have to out.

Do it for you.

Do it for your Soul.

If even just for an hour.

What is your Soul calling you to do, say, speak, write, be, go to?

Forget how they are doing it.

How is your Soul telling you how to do it?

Trust babe.

Trust that deep solidarity space withIN you – that by you reading this, is calling out for your attention to listen, listen, listen and act, act ONLY upon what your SOUL calling is speaking to you of.

TRUST that what YOU are being guided to do is right for…. and when you align to what is right for you – well then it is right for the world.

When you deeply TRUST your SOUL within – you don’t need to prove it to anyone. Your presence and turning up – TO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU – is all that is needed.

When you enter into arguments to get your point across, to try and explain or justify your actions to another person, you are only showing a distrust in your own actions and feel guilt on some level.

But when you totally TRUST yourself and BELIEVE deeply in that space within that is guiding you, supporting you, BEING with you, there is no need to speak. There just IS.

Any space of wrongness you feel, is just someone’s judgements of how you should be living your life, speaking, doing, writing, creating, BEING.

And what is someone else judgements?

Yes it may sting… yes it may hurt…. yes, you have feelings, are human and need to acknowledge them. And then brush them off, shake them off and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

There is no need to enter into justification of your actions babe. Ultimately, they don’t care, so don’t waste your energy on it.

Remember, what life, what Earth are you wanting to create? Use your energy, and focus on that.

Over, and over, and over again. Listen withIN.

What IS YOUR Soul speaking to you of?

Listen to it.

Trust it.

And ignore the rest.

Love Hannah xxx

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