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Only 2 weeks left of Early Bird for Calling In Your Soulmate! Taking your relationship with self, with others and with your career/business to the new heights and receiving the LOVE and ABUNDANCE you really want is all waiting right here at your fingertips babe, click here to join us before it’s too late: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

This card deck today is Unblock Your Love Blocks by Rebecca-Lee. Receiving ANYTHING including LOVE, comes IN to your body and life, money, love, abundance, relationship, career and more – all come in the receiving part –  but are you taking action too? This is the Divine Dance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Are you ready for this? Scroll down to find your number that jumped out at you this morning and see what message is awaiting you.

Card #1: Abundance. You already have what you need to love.

Mmmmm, babe the message coming through strongly for you in this card today, is that you think you need something to be better, good enough to be loved and to love someone dearly. I am getting the sense that lately you’ve not been feeling good enough, good enough to have a relationship, or if you are in relationship, there may have been issues arising lately, that stem from worthiness issues for one or both of you. The firework in this picture is jumping out at me, as is the angel in the top left hand corner, which I had to look closely at, because I through it was a horse head when I first saw it. Horse is all about taking back your power and the firework, is like a BOOM, you are BACK. Solar Plexus is coming to mind with the firework, and is all about worthiness, self worth, self respect, believing you are good enough, equality, empowerment and is associated with the colour yellow. I am also getting the message around your home – have you been making changes within your home? Or around your home? It feels like this is related to your worth – your surroundings match your belief in what you are worth. Does something need changing to match your new vibration? I am also wondering if you have been feeling a low self worth recently because of events that have happened? This is the Abundance card – you already have what you need to love. This sense – that you don’t need anything outside of yourself to feel good enough – you already have what it takes within you to make it happen. To Love yourself, to be with yourself, to believe in yourself, to love YOU. You’ve heard the saying before – you have to love you, before anyone else can love you. Take back your power babe, you have what you need inside of you, you don’t need anything outside of you to make you whole… what I am getting the message you need is a huge dose of self love – you are worthy enough, you are amazing enough, you are worthy of loving and being loved. Take back your power – stop looking outside of yourself and reclaim that YOU inside of you to bloom and beam like the firework in all it’s glory. Whatever has happened in your past, is not a reflection on who you are – it is who you WERE….. who you are NOW, is your turning point babe, own it, know you’ve learnt and you won’t do that again, so reclaim your power, stepping into full faith that you can have what you want, with your everyday steps of turning up to YOU right now. What can you do for YOU today? What is it that YOUR SOUL calls for you to do today? Even when you don’t feel like it? It is New Moon tomorrow, so the rest of the week is a perfect time to put into action new ideas, actions, and create new habits for the rest of 2018. Love xxx Not even going to sell you something. You already have all you need inside you babe…. do you believe it? If you need help remember what it is you need though, send me a message xx

Card #2: Creativity. Express your soul through creative expression.

Double layer meaning for this card today for you beautiful one, the obvious message is to step into more creativity. If you are ‘feeling flat’ the thing that is going to pick you up, is something creative. What creative pursuit/endeavour did you used to do all the time that you haven’t done for quite a long time? I am getting the message, that this is going to be very therapeutic for you right now and is going to shift the flatness you are feeling so your creative flow can come alive again. It is also New Moon tomorrow, so right now in Dark Moon, it is cave time, hiding away, not wanting to shine and also the rest of the coming week, is a good time to set new intentions and put them into action. Remember, the first few times you do something new it is overwhelming, weird and a mission. (just like learning to drive a car), yet, when you keep turning up and doing it, it becomes easy. So if you have been down on yourself for not quite stepping into your 2018 resolutions, the rest of this week is your time to push through the ‘hard bit’ of starting something new, or putting a new routine into practise. What has your Soul been wanting to do that you are denying? Remember, creativity can come in the forms of: creating a sand castle at the beach, cooking, drawing, writing, gardening, painting, redecorating or moving your home around and more. I am also getting the message for you, that if you have been thinking about turning your creative passion into your career, then this card is a YES for you – to trust your inner calling and nudges for taking the steps to put this into reality. Remember, the steps you take EVERYDAY lead up at a whole stair case at the end of the year, no matter how small you take each day. The other message I am getting for you, is if you are feeling low in energy or feeling blocked, I am also getting the sense to remind you that you are feeling other people’s energy and to make self care priority to get you back to your normal feeling self. Yes, there are many techniques you can use to clear your energy, but if your self care is low, then it is harder to 1. distinguish what is yours and what isn’t and 2. to clear it, because you are empty in yourself it is harder to clear it when you are not full of self care, self love and more. Here is a youtube video I added on How To Tell If You Are Carrying Someone Else’s Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc5Hnyq9ufY&t=667s What Creativity is your Soul calling you to remember and do? What steps can you take everyday, that will lead to your complete staircase at the end of the year? Love xxx If you are feeling like it is your time to truly take yourself to the next level this year, Calling In Your Soulmate is based in your Sacral Chakra – the place where you are nourished at your core. Healing your ability to receive love, abundance, ideas, time, energy and money, and healing your action taking, strength, vulnerability and sense of who you are PLUS getting clear on what you are here to do on this Earth, Calling In Your Soulmate is calling YOUR SOUL to the table to be able to receive at the highest level possible. Sacred Manifestation, being able to connect and heal your Sacred Womb, even if you are a male, and techniques to be able to call into your life whatever you decide to, even your Soulmate, click here for Early Bird now, you don’t want to miss this opportunity: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

Card #3: Heaven On Earth. Understand the Miracle of Living Now.

Hmmm, I am getting the message for you that lately, you’ve been very present, very grounded, very HERE, very aware, very ‘watching everything but saying nothing’, very intuitive and listening deeply, intently and waiting for your next move, your next message, your next guidance on which step and road to take. The crystals in the background of this card are jumping out at me and even though I don’t think it is Lapis Lazuli, it is what first came to mind and Lapis Lazuli is all about realisation. Realisation of the Truth. And deeply connected to the Third Eye. I am getting the message that somethings recently have been very ‘cutting’ for you – cutting the bullshit and the lies and the truth has risen and has been somewhat confronting, uncomfortable and down right hurtful. I am also sensing a lot of pain in your Heart babe… I am also getting the sense that even though this Realisation of Truth has deeply unfolded for you – that you are also getting on with it. You know it was all meant to be and it was all meant to happen and unfold for…… YOUR NEXT LEVEL, that your SOUL has called forth these changes and awareness to truth for you – BUT that doesn’t discount that you have feelings and are still reeling from the effects of this change. Any change, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is a big deal and I am getting the message for you to remind you to be gentle with yourself! It takes about 3 months either side of the change to ‘adjust back to normal’ and if you’ve been travelling, give it several days to ‘arrive’ back home. I am getting the sense you are very clear, but also very curious and listening for your next steps. I am getting the message for you that within 2-3 days, something new is about to appear on the scene and it is almost ‘reward’ for what you’ve been working on, through and moving towards for quite some time. Bringing yourself back to now – it feels like you’ve been very conscious of doing this, but also – like you can’t really do much else too? LIke, it is all you can manage right now if that makes sense? Be okay wtih this! Know that this card has come to you as confirmation that you are indeed in the right place, that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and your faith in walking in the now, without trying to latch onto what could be or what could’ve been – is exactly where you need to be right now AND – it is the guiding key, the magic key if you may, for manifesting what you want. I am also getting the message for you – have you been embracing your manifesting/visioning/journalling techniques to keep your focus on what you do want? As this is a very, very potent time for you (along with New Moon tomorrow, so the rest of this week is potent energy for focusing on what you want), but I am also sensing you have really come into your power with this presence you are bringing to the now – and this confirmation is your guiding light, that you are truly the creator of your destiny. It is time to truly set into motion what you want with daily forward movement in that direction.. What step do you need to take now? Love xxx Ready to take your manifestation abilities to the next level? Ready to shift your vibration to the next level? Ready to become the guiding light you ARE AND shift your physical vibration to match that? Early bird is OPEN now, click here for all the details, Sacred Manifestation – Calling In Your Soulmate, is in your Sacral Chakra – the place where you are nourished and give birth to that which you truly desire: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

Card #4: Water Healing. Quenching thirst for love begins with self love.

Hmmm, did you pick 2 cards today? Feels similar message to another card today. Have you been looking outside of yourself for love? Have you been thinking you ‘need’ something in order to feel good enough to do the thing? I am getting the strong message here that you are carrying a lot of energy that is not yours too and this is clouding your true sense of who you are. The waterfall technique is a powerful way to cleanse your energy, just like in the shower, to clean your energy, imagine the waterfall is like white light (or any other colour that comes to mind for you) and imagine it clearing your energy as it washes over you, your internal energy and your external energy. How often do you clear your energy? DO you make a regular practise, or just something you do when you remember and are feeling off? This card comes to you as a reminder to make it a mandatory routine, just like showering or brushing your teeth. I am wondering how your self care and self love levels are with drawing this card for yourself today? What does self love mean to you? Have you explored this? What are actions you can take for yourself that increase your self love levels? Talking kinder words to yourself? More self care? What is loving towards YOU? And how can you implement that in your daily and weekly routine? I am also getting the message about your body here too – what aspects of your physical body need attention? Exercise? Change of diet? Have you been listening to the inner whispers of change that are speaking to you? Have you been actioning those inner whispers or just listening to them? If you are feeling stuck at not taking action, remember the first part is the hardest AND – the core underneath it – do you believe you are worthy of LOVE? What was the first answer that came to mind as you read that question? This will show you where to start – a belief can be changed, yes, yet it is the discipline to support the belief change by taking different action. Remember, you can’t create different results without taking different action. What action of Self Love do you need to take right now? Love xxx If you want to shift your stuck beliefs around being WORTHY of being loved, letting in love and what on earth is even self love and what does that even look like in your daily life to LET IN LOVE – the deepest love you are craving, desire and know is possible, but you haven’t experienced yet, then this is your time to get into Calling In Your Soulmate, where the deepest love is experienced withIN to attract it in your reality. Are you ready to deep dive into YOUR life babe, so you can experience the deepest love you crave? Click here to get in before Early Bird closes babe: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

Card #5: Transformation. Changes within bring you many blessings.

Ah, have you been seeing lots of butterflies around you lately? Wondering why you are noticing them, what they mean and more? The butterfly is deeply symbolic of transformation and change – the caterpillar to the butterfly and doesn’t even recognise itself anymore (or do they? How do we know they don’t!?). I am also getting the strong message for you today that if you have pulled this card, it is that you are sooooo close to receiving what you have been manifesting for sometime. This symbolism of the caterpillar to the butterfly, is that you have been doing sooo much internal work – like the caterpillar the cocoon and have changed sooo much and you have bloomed into the butterfly (what colour are your wings? The first answer that came to mind for that question will show you what Chakra you are working on in your life currently and will give you more clues to the answer of your question today). I am also getting the strong message of faith and trust for you – that you WILL have your wings when you ‘launch’ and you WILL make the destination you are dreaming of – well working towards – because you are aren’t you? You’ve been working solidly on it – now is not the time to give up! Also, if you have just started something new – your wings have grown and you are taking flight, don’t let doubts creep in, because it isn’t you babe! See the doubts and shake them off and keep going – no matter what anyone else says, listen to your heart – because it gave you your wings in the first place right? I feel like this card is confirmation for you that you are VERY clear what you are here to do now and to really be conscious of not taking on anyone’s opinions or beliefs about what you are doing. Keep trusting yourself and moving forward AND – it’s so close – keep going!!! Love xxx Ready to soar to new heights with those wings babe! Want to clear out the dirt, debris and more so you can shine your light, from the inside out? Want the ins and outs of how to do that AND lifetime access so you can come back in at any moment in time? Click here, early bird is open now, Calling In Your Soulmate – Sacred Manifestation is right here waiting for you to birth your project/baby and more: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

Card #6: Past Lives. Call in fragments of your Soul across time and space.

Have you had a rough Christmas and New Year? Relationships disintegrated and gone that you weren’t expecting? By pulling this card I am getting the sense that you’ve really been stepping up to next level in your life AND aligning with your Soul’s purpose like never before… because – if stuff fell completely apart over Christmas and New Year for you – do you know why? Do you know what this is doing for you? Freeing you – freeing you energetically. You’ve been doing the work and moving forward and even though you can still love them from afar, what was energetically in your field that needed to be released and come out so that you can truly step into another level, another vibration for the manifestation of what you have been working towards. And, as this has come up – the Past Lives card, the message here, is that some Recalling of Soul fragments is needed from deep within your Past – Past Lives. It could be one past life, or many. My free Recalling Your Energy Meditation will give you a start to pull in and call back the parts of you, from this lifetime and previous lifetimes – have you got my free meditation yet? Here is the link for it: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/recalling-your-energy-meditation Also, do you have a Past Life technique that you use? There are many ways to delve into Past Lives – just be mindful of the level of healing and depth you are doing PLUS it can also be so simple as to call back your Soul fragments that you have left in time and space and bring yourself back together like a puzzle. The information and details of the past life, aren’t really necessary to receive healing, so don’t worry if you don’t know when, what or why. (although I teach how to do such this in detail in my Trust Your Intuition online course). My Recalling Your Energy Meditation will do this for you regardless, to call your Soul pieces back. I am also getting the message that when you do this – be mindful for the next week and what you ‘just happen to turn the television on’ to see a certain show that is set in the past – as this will be giving you clues to the era you are healing and pulling not only your Soul pieces back from, but also the family healing threads that have gone on that have just been severed over Christmas/New Year and what this is also doing for you – is reclaiming parts of yourself that are no longer needed to replay all those repetitive patterns – you’ve just stepped into a new level of those patterns no longer being valid. Are you ready for this level of healing babe? What Past Life technique do you need to do? (Remember it can be as simple as taking a deep breath in and asking all parts of your Soul fragments to come back to you from all directions in time and space). Love xxx Do you want to take your Soul healing to the next level? Ready to clear karmic threads through Inner child, inner maiden/youth, inner mother/father, inner crone/sage? Calling In Your Soulmate takes the depths of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, heals them individually and then brings them both together to take your Soul Calling to the next level – are you ready for this? Early Bird closes on the 31st January, click here to join us now babe, let’s soar you to new heights: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/sacred-manifestation

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