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Reality Awareness | Intuitive Healer for Celebrities and Life Purpose Mentor to the crazy ones
If you feel like you don't fit in, never have, never will but want to change the world at the same time, I got your back honey, let's do this xx
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Stop searching OUT THERE… it isn’t out there babe

Stop searching OUT THERE… it isn’t out there babe

Stop searching OUT THERE… it isn’t ‘out there’ babe!!

For so long, it stumped me, what is it that I do, what is it that I call myself?

I found it so hard to do the niching thing, to do what ‘the training’ told me to do, what the ‘courses’ told me to do, to do it ‘the way they had done it’ – because the thing about niching for me – it stumped me….. for soooo long.

I did the Busy Mum’s thing and so much more…

Yet, nothing really ‘fit’, nothing really sat right.

Nothing was a real big HELL YES!

But I kept going anyway. Because I was new to this online world thing and they say you have to find your target audience and so much more. So, I listened ‘out there’ instead of deep in my Heart.

It wasn’t until my 33rd Birthday that I had the COURAGE to listen deep within and do what felt right for me. Yet, it still had input from an outside mentor.

Yet, it gave me the courage to TRUST.

To TRUST what my Inner World was saying to me.

To TRUST my inner visions over the rule book.

The reason I found it so hard to find what it is I do was because I do everything.

Someone can ask me a question about anything and I get a download of information about that thing they ask about.


I’ve found it so hard to find what I do, to find what my purpose is, to ‘label’ it so I can market it and more.

What sort of name do you put on something that can receive information about everything and anything?

Around my 33rd Birthday last year, I was starting to get very clear about what I do.

Over the course of being online for a year at that point, I was starting to get the gist of it.

The other thing I was realising was my GIFT was something I couldn’t put a label on – heck there are many labels for things I can do and is a huge contributing factor to why I am so darn Intuitive and spot on and can heal very deeply, very quickly every single time.

The times when you think I am not spot on, is that I’ve gone so deep into your sub-conscious you don’t even know it is there yourself.

When I put a label on myself around my 33rd Birthday last year in September of Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, people thought: ‘She’s just doing it for the MONEY’ – gah? Really?

You obviously don’t know me! So move along please! Yet, you still watch me, and read my content…. I know… I am highly intuitive remember?

The thing about being an Intuitive Healer working deeply with and along side Celebrities is that it is with deep purpose I was called to this role.

If you know ANYTHING about Life Purpose – you will understand the calling, the drive, the THING YOU CANNOT NOT DO.

No matter what they say.

You aren’t like them.

You never have been.

With the help of a mentor I found my ‘label’ with Intuitive Healer for Celebrities, because I had been working with 6 celebrities in 2017.

It made sense and was a total alignment. (the full details are in my upcoming book, The Handbook for the Ancient Blooded Healers)

I found my freedom when I stopped trying to fit in!

No – I found my freedom when I had the courage to do what I had been doing all along – but OWN IT!

Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Healing, Mentoring incredible people to align with their Life Purpose.

So many things have lead me to this point in time. (if you really want to see my list of what I do, you can see that here: http://realityawareness.com/about-hannah/)


Not everyone understands what an Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Healer actually does – but they know what a Healer kind of does and that was enough for me.

I got tired of explaining myself to people who didn’t get it. It has been over 12 years on this spiritual journey and it was about 4 years ago I realised how tired I was explaining what I did and at that point, hadn’t OWNED my gift of being able to do everything.

I am an Intuitive Healer, a Spiritual Healer and I am THE Life Purpose Queen.


THIS is my GIFT.

My GIFT to you, my SERVICE to you… is helping you decipher, get you on alignment, on track and living your Life Purpose.

And in that process, Spiritual Healing happens as a by-product.

If you would like to book at 15 minute free phone/skype Intuitive Sense Consult to see if we are a match to work together with Psychic Readings, Spiritual Healing and of course, Life Purpose Mentoring, please click here to book your Intuitive Sense Consult: https://calendly.com/hannahrealityawareness

People say I am deep.

To me, this is normal.

People say they don’t know anyone else around them that is like this.

I say I have ONLY these sorts of friends around me.

That are deep.

That get it.

That REALLY get it.

This is my tribe, this is what I have created.

Deep, is my middle name 😉

It is also my gift.

Your Soul knows that you need to work with me.

It is a Soul calling after all.

If it feels like you are going off path – Don’ think that! Be excited!! Because you are being shown something else that is ON the path… because when you keep going up that spiral that they always talk about, you are going to come back to what you were originally doing anyway… just with more tools, more awareness more gifts unfolded and more heart, more YOU.

It’s IN you – it isn’t OUT THERE.

It is deep IN your beautiful Soul! Your Life Purpose is unique to YOU.

Go withIN, it is there waiting for you.

Own it baby!

Love, Hannah xx
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. Know it already in your Soul Calling to work with me 1:1 Life Purpose Mentoring and more? Is a complete no brainer? Send me a message for all the details and to book in beautiful xxx

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