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Reality Awareness | What does the Shift even mean?
Keeping it real, and easy to understand, is my gift, here I explain what the shift to 5D and Heart centred alignment even means...
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The Shift Is Here

The Shift Is Here

The Shift Is Here

Let’s discuss this in terms Humans can understand… instead of galactic jargon – well… how does it relate to the Modern Day world we live in? (I am the Queen of #keepingitreal after all 😉 )

There is a powerful wave sweeping the planet… we are being upgraded… but what does it all even mean?

What does The Shift, The Event, The 5D Consciousness even mean?

It means owning your shit instead of projecting it onto others… (so, no blaming your life, illness, circumstances, regret, guilt, ANYTHING on ANYONE)

It means being 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you see in your reality… (not people pleasing, I am talking about integration and doing the inner work to change it) (If you don’t understand what I am talking about here, read this as a prime example: http://realityawareness.com/2015/02/03/everything-is-your-responsibility/ )

It means not telling other people, whilst you’re brown nosing at the same time, how they should think, what they should do, how they should act and how wrong they are for sharing their voice, living their life, sharing their heart BEING WHO THEY ARE.

It means that people are becoming more conscious – ie waking up – ie, they can’t turn a blind eye to what isn’t right anymore – especially in their own lives. And when they simply don’t know how to handle it they will blame someone else, government or more, rip people to shreds who are doing better in their lives, because you feel powerless and without an Awakening Manual to help guide you ‘how’.

It means reading something in COMPLETE, watching something in COMPLETE – BEFORE passing judgement and commenting away because you are triggered and simply not owning your shit. You are closed, instead of open.

I get it – facing your own shit ain’t pretty work!!

It literally doesn’t feel nice, that is why most of society doesn’t own their shit and it is more comfortable to blame someone else to be wrong, so you don’t face your own life and deep down unhappiness and sense of powerlessness at your core…

Sooo much shame get’s triggered, your not good enough get’s triggered….

And that is all part of waking up…

It feels horrible… a huge part of what I do, is help you understand it all, (provide you with that Awakening Manual) so you don’t reject it more, so you SHIFT – just like your SOUL is craving you to – that is why you have these reactions – because they are coming to the surface….to become conscious, to show you the truth…

As soon as you blame someone else though – you become more powerless, unconscious, hiding, living in lies and masks, – that isn’t what you are trying to achieve though, is it now?

You want to reclaim your power…

You want to BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE – without shame, without judgement, without fear of what other people think of you – don’t you?

You want to BE ON PURPOSE and fall asleep at night feeling fulfilled, purposeful and ALIVE.

At your core – you just want to be accepted, heard, acknowledged, UNDERSTOOD.

You just want someone to HEAR YOU


But, you don’t know how to do this do you?

To get someone to do this for you? To BE THERE FOR YOU


Doing the internal work, ie, owning your shit ie Shadow work, healing family and generational lines… clearing core woundings that are stuck in your energetic field that are keeping you on this treadmill and stuckness and powerless feeling…

It means being honest with your current reality, it means being AUTHENTIC with how you are feeling and OWNING IT 100%

It means being open to new solutions… (not passing judgement and saying ‘that’s crap and wrong’ before you’ve listened to or read the whole damn thing – and you wonder why you have so much pain in your life, physical, emotional, mental and more, you’re not even open to reading the whole thing or watching the whole thing before passing judgement, ie cut off your power)

It means have the willingness to do something different to create change…

It means that you are willing to get uncomfortable and to feel pain…

It means that YOU are the ONLY one that can create change in your life (just like moving house for example, you have to organise it and take physical steps, you can’t just click your fingers and you are transported – well not yet, anyway 😉 )

It means letting go of blame of other people outside of you, (your illness, partner, family, friends, government, people in the spotlight)…

It means integrating your Shadow so you truly shift, don’t get triggered anymore (know what to do with that, instead of blaming)

It means being SUPER CONSCIOUS of your energy, in your body, in your life, in your property/garden, in your suburb, in your town/city, in your state, in your country, in the world..

It means cleaning the energy of the above mentioned…

It means consciously resetting the energy frequency of the above mentioned…

It means being SUPER CONSCIOUS of your energy and how it spills out into the world and other people…..

It means noticing how you affect other people by what you say, do, feel, think and making a choice to choose to only focus on the higher vibration thoughts – period.

Just do not give that other past, dark, negative stuff one more ounce of energy, time, thought, feeling – FOCUS.


It means that instead of following the pack mentality you follow YOUR OWN UNIQUE HEART

It means you own your leadership role and use it actively to create the solution, instead of focusing on how wrong and bad the world is and how everyone else is doing it wrong – so do something about it!!! Don’t sit there and rip someone to shreds because actually, deep down you are jealous of the way they are living their life… (More on focus and how and what it even means here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek-AWMKaO4U&t=2734s )

TIME IS NOW, there is no more mucking around – this is serious work now (lighthearted joy work actually) but what I mean is that there is no more time to be wasted.

Are you a sheep? Or a Wolf?

Are you a pigeon? Or an Eagle?

If you said Wolf, or Eagle – START ACTING LIKE IT! Start CREATING it.

What would a Wolf do? An Eagle do?

Listen to the Sheep? Listen to the Pigeons?

Acknowledge them yes.. .(Tell them they are wrong for having a voice? No…)

Guide them yes…

And by guiding them – means creating your Life Purpose work that guides them to Higher Consciousness.

And allowing them to have choice on whether they come or not…

And if they do? Great!

They become Eagles and Wolves of their own…

And if not? Great!

They stay where they are, until they are ready…

BUT… you have planted seeds…

And those seeds of new ideas… grow into Oak trees…

And so, you have done your job regardless…

And so, you keep going, creating your amazing Life Purpose work, because…









And you KNOW more than anyone, how powerful your thoughts and feelings are at creating your reality…

And you KNOW deep down, that whatever you are focusing on, is what is being created in the WORLD…

And you KNOW that by focusing on the SOLUTION shifts the Planet faster than anything else….


You focus your powerful energy on creating the SOLUTION…

Listen with a compassionate, open Heart to the Sheep and the Pigeons yes… because you also KNOW the power in LISTENING alone…

Doesn’t mean that you buy it…

Doesn’t mean that you fix them (people pleasing went out the window ages ago, because your power and energy shifted in alignment with your Life Purpose)

You know that you get gems out of LISTENING and HOLDING SPACE…

But you also know when to say no, and focus on the solution as your primary point of power, energy, day to day life focus – because THIS is what supports AND CREATES OUR NEW EARTH



Because THIS is 5D reality – the SHIFT – to Heart Centred Alignment – FOLLOWING YOUR SOUL’S WORK ONLY


Because you know – that by osmosis – that is all the help you need to do.

Those that are ready turn up, those that don’t, disappear until the seeds have become the sprouting of the Oak Tree.

You know, that the more you stay in your Heart, connected to your flow, to your Life Purpose, to your Soul’s work, to your energy and consciously focusing that with irrevocable dedicated focus, you ascend… and you give others permission to do the same…

Where is your focus? Where is your alignment?

Do it, everyday, BEFORE you serve the world.

Because you are the World.

And the World is you.


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

P.S. 12 Divine Steps to Awakening Your Life Purpose has arrived – in perfect intuitive timing #ofcourse to help you move beyond your doubts, to get you clear, to learn actually how you BECOME the Wolf and the Eagle and OWN it, instead of wondering and still fluttering around on the ground moving amongst the pigeons.

It is how you rise up into your power…

It is how you BECOME what you are BORN ON THIS PLANET TO DO…

It is how your POWER INCREASES, just by activating your Life Purpose into gear…

It is how become that person that everyone looks to and you help change the world…

It is how you fall asleep at night, smiling at how amazing and incredible your life is now…

It is how all your dreams come into reality, to fruition, with effortless ease that you see everyone else doing…

It is how you BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE – that is dying inside you to come out!

You feel it in your bones don’t you?

1 week to go! Click here to Awaken Your Life Purpose dear Lightworker, no more hiding, it is time to shine: http://realityawareness.com/12-divine-steps-to-awakening-your-life-purpose/

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