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Reality Awareness | Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2018
Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2018
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Monthly Tarot Forecast May 2018

Monthly Tarot Forecast May 2018

Welcome to the Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2018

Week 1: Forgiveness. “I acknowledge that harbouring resentment blocks the flow of love.”

Mmmm the first week of May sees us deep in forgiveness. I am curious, where do you need to forgive yourself? Where have you been harsh on yourself? Can you treat yourself like you would a whimpering puppy? Can you, be okay with exactly where you are? Forgiveness of self comes when you can stop beating up on yourself for thinking you should’ve done things differently than what you have. Doubting yourself are you? Wondering if you made the right choices? Well you know what? You have! Simply because the choices you made in that moment were precisely right for you IN THAT MOMENT. If you were meant to make another choice, then you would’ve in that moment. So when you think back to that moment, you did it because it felt right at the time, if it didn’t you wouldn’t have. PLUS keeping focused on the choices of your past – keeps you in your past yes? If you were to make a different choice now, that is going to positively affect your future to what you do want, what would that be? Bring yourself into the now. Hold yourself like you would tend to a whimpering puppy, and know that you’ve never done anything wrong, nor made any wrong choices, just like that whimpering puppy didn’t do anything wrong. How can you move forward this week in complete gentleness and forgiveness of self, with shifting to the now and rearranging your life so you can create the future you want? What do you need to clean out? What do you need to focus on? How can you take extra care of yourself this week?


Week 2: Change. “I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement.”

And it’s upside down. Where are you resistant to change? What part of you is releasing from the past, but has one anchor still ‘there’? What is it that comes to mind as your anchor that’s in your past? What loose end haven’t you tied off? Cut? It could be a belief system, a physical item, place or person. Change is the only constant thing and when you are resistant to change in one area of your life, everything becomes stuck in other areas of your life as everything is connected. Ask yourself, what area of my life is stuck right now? And then, ask yourself, if this area of my life was deeply being affected by another particular area of my life, what is that? And then, what action can you take this week, to start shifting be energy flow and moving it? Inner child healing will be helpful for you this week, what major change in your childhood occurred that comes to mind as you read this? This, has core roots of where your ‘stuckness’ or blocks in the Change card are signifying for you this week. Is there a part of you that’s scared? Worried? Go here, and watch it shift.


Week 3: Pride. “I love myself, and I see myself in everyone.”

I am getting the strong message this week to truly look around and see how far you’ve come. This is a time of truly owning your power and who you really are, owning your gift and totally shining your light! This isn’t the time for doubting yourself or listening to the opinions of sheep. This is a time to surround yourself with a pride of Lions and listen to only your intuition and the support of those who share your vision. I am curious if you’ve ever stopped and given yourself a life review for all the good things you’ve done? If not, now’s the time. Remember, what you focus on brings more, so focusing on your achievements just gives you more confidence and motivation to keep going. You know it inside you anyway, yet, this is a time to be proud of your achievements, focus on who and where you’re surrounding yourself with and celebrate yourself this week beautiful one. It feels like a lot of forward movement this week. There is also the awareness here, ‘and I see myself in everyone’ – if you haven’t done shadow work on what you’re needing to integrate of someone who keeps triggering you, pissing you off, or you feel that you’re not good enough to live your dreams, because they already are, then it is Shadow Integration time this week beautiful one. It is Dark Moon on the 15th May AEST, so the perfect time to do inner work and integrate Shadow’s aka people who trigger you in some way shape or form. xx


Week 4: Fear. “I realise that I am testing my resolve to live in the energy of Love.”

It feels this week, like you’re becoming more aware of your fears and rather than burying them, having the courage to face them, even if it does take a few days to make that happen! Yet, you’re deeply aware of how you are becoming more fluent in recognising these Shadows, these fears, these, reflections in people in your life and you’re taking in internally, doing the work and shifting it, rather than making them the focus – Celebrate this!! Not many people do this and it is a HUGE step in the evolution of your spirituality, your consciousness and of course, you shift the planet at a much higher rate when you do this too.  I am also getting the sense here in this 4th week of May, there are big changes rattling through out your life, something that has been on your mind, has now gone, or manifested, all your questions have been answered, the pressure is relieved in this 4th week of May. I am also getting the message – when was the last time you had a health check? I am getting something to do with your blood, low iron – or your blood cells – have you been working with your spiritual light and power and imagining the vibration in your cells? If you haven’t, then you can start doing this, but I am also sensing that if you have – the message around your blood, is that it is shifting to healthier levels and that may mean that toxins come out, so if you are feeling off this week and have been detoxing, doing some work around helping your body to eliminate toxins this week will be helpful. And – your home, need to do a tip run? Have a clean out of something that has been on your mind? Important you do this, this week too, to support your big changes this week. It’s exciting times, but just also, big changes – honour ALL your feelings this week.


Week 5: Abundance. “I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality.”

When I look at the Calendar for May, there are 2 weeks that overlap with April and June and I felt intuitively called to look at the bottom card of the deck (which I usually do in all of my private readings for an overlying message). And this pretty Abundance card was sitting there – “and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality.” This is the ultimate truth of our reality, of our being – that we literally can think about whatever we choose and it manifests. Now – if you think of a million dollars and it ‘doesn’t work for you’ – then dig a bit deeper. There is lots of internal work to do – if you are in a space of ‘it doesn’t work’ and more. (keep an eye out for my Power Your Life free training, coming out this week if this is resonates for you). What is interesting here – is that the overlying card for May? Is Guilt. What guilt are you holding onto in your reality – what situation comes to mind – that you are feeling guilty about? Babe – wake up call – this is the ONLY thing stopping your desires manifesting into form right now! ONLY THING. Did you receive that message? 😉 What, then, why are you holding onto the guilt for? What do you feel, you’ve done wrong? And why? And are you going to continue to blame yourself for a situation, you cannot change? (“The past can hurt, but, the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – Rafiki, The Lion King) So, what are you going to do NOW about the situation, because this guilt you are feeling? Is the only thing standing between you and the abundance you are desiring, you are calling in. So, are you ready to let that go? What steps do you need to take to let go of the guilt? Receiving help from a mentor? Apologising to someone? Shadow Integration? Doing something about your physical surroundings? What is it, that you are needing to take action on? It’s time to do that now beautiful one. xx


Overlying Card for the Month of May: Guilt. “I release any beliefs that no longer assist in my Soul’s growth.”

Following on from the 5th week of May there – what are you believing about the situation that came to mind. I am getting the message for you to write down 10 points that come to mind, or 10 beliefs, that you are currently believing about the situation. If there is more, then write more. Then, write down 10 points of apologising and how you can change the situation – or learn from it. Then, write down, 10 points, or new beliefs about what you want to believe moving forward in your life. And burn the old list safely, as a way of releasing it. Guilt is a very heavy emotion and doesn’t serve us to hold onto it. It harbours other emotions, by stagnating them and causing us to be lethargic and tired and more. It is harder to forgive a situation properly, when we are feeling guilty about something that happened – even if it wasn’t your fault. Just because someone said it was, that is their judgement of the situation – that is not what you feel in your heart. Be mindful of any past life memories that are shown to you this month in dreams or if you happen to turn the television on to see a particular scene in a movie, or you randomly overhear someone talking about something from eons ago. Your Soul is ready for you to release that which no longer serves you this month, this month of May, feels like the last big of digging for this current situation that has been plaguing you for many, many years. Plaguing – hmmm, there is another past life clue right there! Feast or Famine.. are you ready to release the ups and downs and stay steady in the realm of Abundance? If you were to have died in a past life of the plague and/or hunger – what beliefs would you be holding from this sort of a lifetime? Work with these thoughts and even if you think you are imagining it/them, don’t doubt yourself, this isn’t the time for doubt – you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t supposed to be given help as to releasing these past life beliefs and trauma to free you to create this lifetime, without carrying those beliefs over into another life again. It is time to rise dear Lightworker – will you take action on that call?


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen


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  • Kimberley Stewart
    Posted at 23:32h, 01 May Reply

    Thank you Hannah quite a lot rang true as i personally think, it could apply to the majority of individuals. But cos i said that doesn’t make mevunaware of my own situation and the obctacles i must address completely in order to become unstuck and LIVE AGAIN. Neither am i dillisional or in denial anymore and i am very open-minded and empathetic and very aware of other ppls feelings and energies. But in one of the weeks you described something to a “T” which has made me stuck again then in turn this has a ripple affect which has made the other weeks you described has created the whirlwind of negative emotions and impulsive behaviours, thank you

    • realityaware
      Posted at 22:45h, 02 May Reply

      Hugs Kimberley!! Wondering what you’re needing… are you needing support? Understanding? Wondering, if you do have support around you to help move through the negative emotions… do you know how to do this? And wondering what exactly is happening for you, I have lots of youtube videos, I can share some, to help support you, if you let me know more of the situation you’re in? If you’d like?

  • Fany Mencarelli
    Posted at 11:25h, 02 May Reply

    Thank you Hannah! You really are a beautiful soul.

    Love & light

    • realityaware
      Posted at 22:45h, 02 May Reply

      Naw thanks Fany!!! xx You’re welcome!!

  • Deb Greuter
    Posted at 10:33h, 03 May Reply

    Thank you so much Hannah! I know I have to heal myself before I can go on to help heal others – and this is a very difficult process for me. No matter how hard I try, I cant seem to be free of negative energy 🙁

    • realityaware
      Posted at 11:22h, 03 May Reply

      No – you heal when you turn up and do the work, whether you are helping people or not.. you are always the student, but you also have valuable skills to heal others too. Don’t get stuck in thinking you need to be perfect and healed before you heal others. No way. You are already healed and perfect in truth. There are always layers, there are always things to work on. But never, think you need to have it all together before you start. It is just the training and skills to navigate the energy so you can keep yourself clear. That is all.

  • Deb Greuter
    Posted at 11:54h, 03 May Reply

    Thank you so much for enlightening me! You just made that mountain turn into a mere hill- I am very grateful to you! You are an Angel! Love & Light 🙂

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