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Reality Awareness | Cosmic Update
Cosmic Update
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Cosmic Update and why it’s finally here now

Cosmic Update and why it’s finally here now

✨✨✨Cosmic Update Alert✨✨✨

I am seeing ALOT of people with similar things right now:

  • headaches
  • extra tired
  • in a very negative mental state
  • feeling like wondering what is going on
  • overwhelmed to a point of exhaustion
  • wondering how everyone else is doing it ‘so well’

Let alone everything I also shared on the Dark Moon Post (you can view that here if you didn’t see it: http://realityawareness.com/2018/05/14/cosmic-update-there-is-a-heavy-energy-sweeping-the-planet/)

There is a huge energy sweep on the planet right now – if you’ve followed me for a while, you will hear me talk of the waves – just like the ocean – the ‘set’ of the waves comes in and then there is a lull, then the next ‘set’ of 6-8 waves come in – there is a pulse yes?

And with the current energies of waves of light sweeping the planet – THIS is what is going on right now – we are in the middle of ‘set’ of Light waves being infiltrated and expanding the planet, us and everything on it, including our consciousness.

If you feel like you want to die – there IS a part of you dying. That’s why it is feeling like death. If it isn’t feeling like death, but it is too overwhelming to bare all the changes and out of the blue ‘wtf is happenings’ at the same time – it is important to remember that what is actually happening is:

The light waves are infiltrating right now – we are in the middle of a set and what comes to mind for me, when I got stuck in the brunt of 12 ft cyclone swell and almost died (felt like it!) I couldn’t get out of the impact zone and let’s just say I had a lot more respect for our dear Mother Ocean that day and have ever since of her power and glory. I was going under water and held down for long periods of time and just when I thought I could paddle out of the impact zone (where the waves just constantly come in, one after another) I got hit and held under again. Rocks and all. Anyway, I am getting side tracked and unless you surf, bit hard to understand the sensation of being in that space…

Yet, you already do – and are – because you’re in it right now.

If you can imagine our Earth floating out in space in our galaxy and extend yourself beyond that – from where ever they come from – our Earth is in the middle of this ‘set’ of Light Waves.

What the Light Waves are doing?

  • Raising the vibration of Earth and everything on it (or is Mother Earth rising herself and we are feeling her from ground up 🤔 #pondering)
  • To do this, clearing out of what no longer serves happens
  • ie, anything not of the higher vibration MUST come up and out of our bodies, old emotions, situations and things in our life no longer are required for our growth, no longer serve the way we are meant to go (ie life purpose and what you are on the planet for – if you are feeling these shifts, your Soul is calling you to awaken dear one, you’ve got a reason for being here and we are waiting for you, ready for you)
  • We are moving into 5D – some say we are already here and moving beyond that – and to that? Our physical structure and body is also changing, our brain, our spiritual glands and more – so headaches and feeling like you are carrying a burden of the world is quite common right now

What this is actually triggering?

So, as we ‘rise’ and I mean in vibration, as we ‘wake up’, as consciousness collective on the planet and people are literally waking up and right now there is a POTENT blend of this happening in a way that the dormant ones are showing and what has been blocking you for some time? Is NOW becoming conscious.

These ‘burdens’ of the world that you feel like you are carrying, have an origin in childhood, from a moment in time, when you felt:

  • abandoned in some way shape or form (could be as tiny as being left last for school pick up!)
  • feeling like you had to hold the household together, fix everything, make it better
  • any situation where you felt left alone and had to do it by yourself from that moment on
  • feeling over-responsible
  • feeling like you didn’t matter

Now, not to ‘relive’ these, or ‘buy into them’ ‘believe’ them anymore as such…

But to become ACUTELY aware of where this is stemming from, to do the work on authentically healing the emotions associated it, refilling, restocking, rewiring and reimprinting yourself so you can GET OUT OF YOUR SLUMP AND MOVE FORWARD #pronto!

Now, I am not saying this is easy!

Yes, it can be, with a simple choice to release it and choose something else.

Now, if you haven’t done much of this sort of work, have the tools, resources or otherwise it aint going to feel easy AT ALL. (I can hear you cursing at me, it’s okay, I get it, I know EXACTLY what it is like!)

It ain’t pretty, this waking up shit!

And this facing our shit?

Not pretty either.

Or kind.

Or nice.

Or. Anything really.

It feels hard at times, you get more depressed seeing other people ‘living the life’ and wondering why it isn’t for you.

It feels like you are so wrong and how did you end up in this place in the first place anyway!?

It feels like you are not sure what way is the right way, after just only weeks ago – everything seeming soooo right and on fire for you!

I am here to tell you beautiful one, that I know exactly what it is like.

I know what it feels like to wonder why you’ve done all this and it hasn’t happened and it isn’t working and wtf?!

I also know, what it feels like to see others ahead of you and wondering if it is better to just walk away.

I also know?

How I shifted it.

With this 1 simple thing.

I changed my god damn mind!

Oh, AND I turned up every single day to doing this 1 simple thing.

I simply changed my mind..

It’s okay, I still hear you cursing me.

Because I’ve been there too.

People ‘above’ me, telling me how easy and flow based it is all the time and how shitty I would feel at them saying, just choose it.

Yeah right.

It’s okay – I hold you in deep compassion beautiful Soul.

It has taken me WEEKS to release this – this training on how I changed my mind.

It wasn’t until the other day, that I realised why.

When I originally planned to release it, I had all these awesome ideas of structure to set it up and charge for it.

And something didn’t feel right.

Something felt ‘off’ with that.

And only the other day, I realised why.

Becuase what does feel right?

Is to release the WHOLE training for free.


The parts I was going to charge for?



A few things ultimately!

I want to help you.

By also giving this life changing training to you for FREE – there are no complaints like that ‘I can’t afford it’ which btw is a definitely not true – because it is more truth that you – choose EXACTLY where you spend all of your money and instead of saying those 4 words, it is WAY more powerful for YOU to be saying, actually, I am choosing to spend my money on other things that are more important to me at this time. How many times have you told someone that and then gone and bought a bottle of wine? Or such?

Anyway, I have ALOT more to say to this, that is why I am not only giving this training to you for FREE, but I am also doing a livestream tomorrow at 4pm Brisbane AEST/7am London BST/11pm Los Angeles PDT on not only this topic, but the depths of✨✨✨Cosmic Update Alert✨✨✨

There is sooo much going on right now.

I know alot of you are feeling:

  • lost
  • overwhelmed
  • at standstill
  • in doubt
  • confusion
  • not sure which way to go
  • wondering why everything just fell apart from out under your feet

There is a reason, and it’s not just you.

Come and join me live, ask me your questions, grab my Free Training that I was going to charge for because I am seeing way too many of you not knowing what is going on through your spiritual awakening right now and let’s get back on track together. I am feeling a short clearing and centring live meditation will go down too.

Let’s do this beautiful one, let’s get you clear, understand what is REALLY going on, get you out of this funk and into forward movement again beautiful one.

I love you.

I am here.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you want private 1:1 support from me, 21 Days of unlimited voice messaging and text messaging to you get you personally clear and on track again. I can see straight into what is going on for you and can support you forward now, that is my gift after all. Price is increasing soon. Click here for all the details and to get immediate access: https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/21-day-shifter-program

P.S.S. Remember to join me live tomorrow on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/realityawareness/ at 4pm Brisbane AEST/7am London BST/11pm Los Angeles PDT


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